Clug Bike Stand

The worlds smallest bike stand
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      • Clever little wall stand
      • Keeps your bike in place
      • Easy to mount

      The Clug bike stand is a clever little wall mount that creates a handy space to keep your bike in the storage room, garage, flat or against the wall of the house. Clug comes in five different sizes and fits all kinds of bikes, from racing bikes with skinny tyres to mountain bikes with wide tyres.

      With Clug you can easily store your bike by simply pushing the tyre into the stand. The strong stand grips around the tyre and keeps your bike upright against the wall.

      The grip is even strong enough for you to rest your bike on the back tyre and lean it up against the wall. This saves you plenty of floor space, which is perfect for a garage, storage room or if you keep your bike indoors.

      Clug is easy to mount to the wall. Simply hold the bike against the wall and mark where you want to place the stand. To store your bike horizontally, place the back wheel against the wall. To store your bike vertically, mark where to place the mount by leaning the bike up against the wall. NB: The back tyre must always be touching the ground.

      Clug can be screwed straight into wooden walls. If you have a cement, plaster or brick wall, you will need to pre-drill the holes and use the included dowels. This clever pack includes a template to help you drill the holes and a collector for the dirt when drilling.

      NB: You cannot hang your bike up using Clug; one wheel must always be touching the ground. It is also not possible to attach Clug to the ground, it must be attached to a wall in line with the middle of the wheel. Clug MTB, Clug MTB XL and Clug PLUS should not be attached to plaster walls.

      Size guide
      Roadie: 23-32 mm, max 13 kg
      Hybrid: 33-43 mm, max 20 kg
      MTB: 44-57 mm, max 20 kg, no plaster walls
      MTB XL: 58-69 mm, max 20 kg, no plaster walls
      Plus: 70-81 mm, max 20 kg, no plaster walls

      Exception: If your MTB tyres are 57-61 mm, choose MTB. The manufacturers sometimes exaggerate the size of the tyres and there is a risk that the MTB XL will be a bit too big. To be entirely sure, watch the video below on how to correctly measure your tyres.

      Click here for mounting instructions in English!

    • Article nr: 12291
      Stock availability: 0
      Manual: English
      Material: Durable and flexible polycarbonate
      Quantity per pack: 1 Clug, 2 dowels and screws

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