Rain cover for handbag

Fashionable rain protection for handbags & briefcases
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Handbag Holder Handbag Holder
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    • Protects your bag from rain & snow
    • Waterproof case
    • Available in two sizes

    With The Hoffmann's waterproof rain cover for your handbag, you don't have to leave your fancy bag at home just because the weather is bad. The bottomless rain cover is threaded over your handbag like a rain poncho and closes with Velcro around the handle. The rain cover protects the bag from rain and snow while allowing you to carry it as usual.

    Rain protection for inclement weather

    Is the weather inconsistent? Take the rain cover in your handbag. The rain cover takes up little space when folded in its waterproof case. If it starts to rain, you can quickly unfold the rain cover and place it over your bag. When it clears up again, put the rain cover back in the waterproof case and close it with the popper.

    High quality rain protection

    The durable rain cover is made of a waterproof material that provides good protection against rain, snow, dust, dirt and pollen. If the rain cover needs cleaning, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. Allow the rain cover to dry before putting it back in the case.

    Choose between a smaller and a larger rain cover

    The Hoffmann's rain cover for handbags is available in two sizes, and is designed to fit a variety of different bags.

    Rain cover for handbag, Small

    The smaller rain cover is ideal for smaller handbags, envelope bags, shoulder bags, messenger bags, clutch bags and crossbody bags.

    Length: 47.5 cm
    Height: 26.5 cmDepth (fully flat): 53 cm
    Width of Velcro opening: 24.5 cm
    Weight: 60 grams
    Case small: 12 x 12 cm, 7 grams
    66 grams : 110 x 110 x 35
    Material: 100% PU-plastic

    Rain cover for handbag, Large

    The larger rain cover is perfect for larger handbags and shoulder bags, tote bags, bucket bags, smaller weekend bags and briefcases.

    Length: 80 cm
    Height: 33 cm
    Depth (fully flat): 64 cm
    Width of Velcro opening: 43 cm
    Weight: 125
    Case Large: 17,5 cm x 14,5 cm, 14 grams
    Total large: 140 grams 160 x 115 x 40
    Material: 100% PU-plastic

    Danish design and quality

    Maximilian Hoffmann has a long experience in selling luxury branded leather bags. He founded the Danish family business The Hoffmann's after realising that all customers had the same question: "Can this bag withstand rain and do you have something to protect it?"

    That gave Maximilian the idea to make durable and stylish rain covers that extend the life of your bags. Rain covers that fit many types of bags and make sure you're ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

  • Article nr: 14028
    Stock availability: 0
    Material: Waterproof PU-plastic
    Quantity per pack: 1 Rain cover, 1 Waterproof case
    Colour: Transparent

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