Innovator: Ulrika Nordenstam

Loop fastening strap with carabiner 2-pack

Smart suspension and anchoring
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    • Can anchor most things
    • Many applications
    • Supplied in a 2-pack

    LOOP is a clever carabiner strap used to anchor and hang your things. Loop works as a handy little anchor when you want to secure cargo or as a hook when you want to hang and secure things in your car, stable, bike, pram, tractor and home.

    The fastener has many different uses. For example, you can hang the LOOP around the headrest to hook on your shopping bag, sports bag, helmet and other loose accessories in the car. You can also use it as a clothes hanger, as a bucket hanger during renovations or attach it to your belt to keep tools easily accessible.

    The durable fastening strap is easy to attach around many different items and has an aluminium carabiner that can hold up to 30 kg. You attach the LOOP by threading the strap through itself. Thread the end with the smaller loop through the larger loop at the back end of the strap. Then hook the carabiner into the smaller loop and the hook is now ready to use.

    If you use two hooks next to each other, you get a high lateral stability as the hooks can hook into each other.

  • Article nr: 11389
    Stock availability: 0
    Length: 40 cm
    Material: Hook in aluminium Strap in durable, heavy-duty textile
    Quantity per pack: 2 pc

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Ulrika Nordenstam Ulrika Nordenstam
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