GPS for cats

Waterproof GPS tracker for cats
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    • Live tracking - follow your cat in real time
    • Location history of your cat's adventures
    • Collar and collar attachment included

    Tractive GPS for cats is a small and handy GPS tracker that allows you to track your cat in real time and see its movements. The app also lets you set up virtual fences and notifies you if your cat moves outside of them. The lightweight and waterproof GPS weighs just 25 grams, works in over 150 countries and has up to 7 days of battery life.

    The App

    The app's location history allows you to see your cat's favourite places over the last 365 days, and the heat map allows you to see where your cat has been the most. You can also set up virtual fences, indicate safe areas and forbidden places to avoid.

    The GPS tracker normally sends an update on the cat's location every 2 to 60 minutes depending on the cat's activity. If you want to know exactly where your cat is right now, switch on the live tracking.

    Live tracking

    When you start live tracking, the cat's exact location is sent to your smartphone between every 2 and 3 seconds. This allows you to see in real time where the cat is on the map. And if you can't find your cat in the dark, the app allows you to trigger both light and sound signals from the GPS tracker.

    Please note that live tracking consumes more battery power. Therefore, check the battery level of the GPS if you intend to use live tracking for longer periods of time.

    Health tracking

    The app also allows you to keep track of your cat's activity level - how much your cat sleeps and moves around. The health tracker helps you spot abnormal patterns and gives you an overview of your cat's health. It is also possible to set goals, save progress and compare with others.

    Choose the subscription that suits you

    Tractive's built-in SIM card automatically connects to the best available mobile network and sends the cat's location to your smartphone. Tractive covers all data traffic costs but charges a fixed subscription fee for the SIM card to work.

    The SIM card is activated when you choose one of the subscriptions on Tractive's website (from only €60/month). There are two types of subscriptions (Basic and Premium) and variations on these, ranging from monthly recurring subscriptions to 5-year subscriptions.

    Included collar attachment

    You can attach the GPS tracker to your cat's own collar with the included collar attachment.

    Charge the tracker

    The GPS tracker is switched on and off with a cat-safe on/off button on the GPS. Make sure the tracker is charged before attaching it to the cat collar. The GPS is charged with the included charging cable. You can see the current battery status in the app when the tracker is switched on.

    In the package

    Tractive GPS for cats
    1 collar with bell
    2 collar attachments
    Charging cable

    Recommended for cats over 3 kg
    Colour: Dark blue
    Weight: 25 grams
    Width: 5.5 cm
    Height: 2.8 cm
    Depth: 1.7 cm
    Waterproof: Yes
    Shock proof: Yes
    Battery time: 48 h (up to 7 days with energy saving mode)
    Charging time: 2h
    Link to the Tractive GPS app:
    Appstore Google play

  • Article nr: 13660
    Stock availability: 6
    Depth: 1.7 cm
    Height: 2.8 cm
    Other: 48h (up to 7 days with power saving mode) , Shock resistant: Yes , Waterproof: Yes
    Width: 5.5 cm
    Colour: Dark blue
    Weight: 0.025 kg

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