Rotating serving belt

Eight serving trays on a rotating track
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    • Easy to pass food around the table
    • Oval track with 8 spinning discs
    • Fits large dining tables & long tables

    With a rotating serving belt, you can pass platters around more easily at large family dinners, parties, buffets and celebrations. No need to reach over each other, you can smoothly pass the food between you by sliding the trays along the track in the centre of the table.

    The Lazy Susan Revolution serving belt is the larger equivalent of the classic "Lazy Susan" and consists of eight heat-resistant serving trays that slide along the oval track. The oval food conveyor fits larger and longer tables with multiple seats and can be expanded as needed.

    The rotating serving belt gives you your own conveyor belt in the centre of the table for sushi, tacos, snacks and buffets. Plus, the heat-resistant silicone on the top of the serving trays allows you to serve and set down food and cooking pots directly from the stove and oven.

    Assemble without tools

    The bands of the serving belt easily snap together and you don't need any tools to set up the belt on the table. Start by putting the curved card ends together and slide the 3 serving trays onto each card end. Then connect the straight centre pieces* to one short side, insert the last two trays and then snap the last end of the belt to the centre pieces.

    *You can choose to omit the centre pieces and use only the curved card ends. In this case, omit two trays and connect the curved card ends together instead.

    Table size requirements

    The serving belt plus rolling trays is about 52 cm deep. With all 8 trays it is about 90 cm wide and with 6 trays it is about 70 cm wide.

    It is recommended that you mount the serving belt on a rectangular or oval table. The table should be at least 100 cm deep and about 180 cm wide if you are going to use all 8 serving trays. If you are only using 6 serving trays, a table width of about 150 cm is sufficient.

    Extend the conveyor belt for even longer tables

    With an expansion set, you can expand the serving belt with more serving trays. An expansion set contains two trays and two straight strips. You can order here expansion set for Lazy Susan Revolution->.

    Patented design from the USA

    The patented design of the serving belt is made in the USA. The plastic and ball bearings are of the highest quality and allow the trays to slide smoothly on the belt. The track and serving trays with their heat-resistant silicone are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Save the cardboard box for easy storage of the serving belt after dinner.

    What is Lazy Susan?

    Lazy Susan is a common name for a spinning serving tray placed in the centre of the table. Spinning the tray makes it easier for everyone to reach the snacks, tacos and other food served on the table.

    Rotating serving belt - The Lazy Susan Revolution

    In the package

    4 curved tracks
    2 straight tracks
    8 serving trays.


    Minimum width track (with 6 tiles): approx. 70 cm
    Maximum width track (with 8 tiles): approx. 90 cm
    Depth track (including tiles): approx. 52 cm
    Material: ABS plastic, heat-resistant silicone
    Colour: White and dark grey

  • Article nr: 14070
    Stock availability: 10
    Depth: 52 cm
    Height: ca 4 cm
    Material: ABS plastic
    Width: ca 69 cm - 90 cm
    Colour: Cream white , Dark Grey

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