Sauce blender

Perfect for mayonnaise and béarnaise sauce
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    • Super easy to make oil-based sauces
    • No risk that the sauce will separate
    • Done in minutes

    With the sauce mixer you can quickly make a homemade béarnaise sauce, mayonnaise, or hollandaise sauce without it separating. The sauce blender whisks together the ingredients while you turn a lever, getting that perfect sauce in minutes!

    Put your ingredients in the container and add oil or butter in the smaller one. Crank the lever to mix the ingredients while carefully pressing the button on the small container. The mixer will slowly mix together the fat into the ingredients without the sauce separating.

    The sauce mixer is useful for many butter- or oil-based sauces. One batch is equal to 4 portions, and a recipe book with different sauces is supplied in the packaging.

    The bottom piece of the blender is made of silicone and fixes the mixer in place so it doesn't move. When the sauce is done you can use the bottom piece as a lid to the large container.

    All parts can be washed in the top section of the dishwasher.

  • Article nr: 12825
    Stock availability: 7
    Height: 10 cm
    Length: 13.8 cm
    Manual: English manual
    Material: Silicone, metal and SAN SS, ABS, PP POM plastic
    Other: All parts can be washed on top rack of dishwasher
    Width: 16.5 cm
    Weight: 0.57 kg kg

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