Elastic repair patch

Permanent repair for tears and holes
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    • Super strong
    • Transparent
    • Permanent repair

    Tear-Aid is a permanent and extremely strong repair patch for tears and holes. The repair patch is incredibly versatile and is compatible with almost any kind of material.

    The elastic patch can be cut to fit the tear and can also be used to cover a hole or fitted along a ripped or broken edge. The patch is elastic and extremely durable, which prevents tears and holes from spreading, and it can withstand both pressure and friction.

    Tear-Aid's durability reaches 90 percent immediately after it is attached, and within an hour the repair is permanently attached. Tear-Aid is transparent, waterproof, airtight, extremely stretchy and neither dries up nor fades. It can even withstand temperatures from -28°C to +60°C.

    The Tear-Aid repair patch comes in two versions.

    Type A: This Tear-Aid repair patch can be used on practically any material except PVC and vinyl.

    Type B: This Tear-Aid repair patch only works on PVC and vinyl.

    The pack includes: 1 Tear-Aid repair patch 30 cm x 8 cm, 4 cleaning wipes with alcohol and 1 nylon string. In order to attach itself to the surface properly, the repair patch should be 2.5 centimetres larger than the tear in all directions. Clean the surface using the included cleaning wipes before attaching the repair patch.

    Suggested uses:
    Banners, convertible car roof, cotton, camping repairs, fibreglass, Gore-Tex, rubber, horse blankets, canvas, kites, aluminium, stainless steel, leather, Lycra, awnings, neoprene, nylon, umbrella, umbrellas, party tent, plastic, sails, toys, water toys, polyester, waterproofs, backpacks, swimming pool covers, ski wear, protective clothing, sleeping bags, boots, boots, surfboards, seats, tents, tarpaulins, inflatable furniture and toys, waders, wetsuits, diving suits, dry suits, water bladders and a range of other products.

  • Article nr: 12613
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    Length: 30 cm
    Manual: Swedish and Norwegian
    Material: Polyurethane and adhesive glue
    Width: 8 cm

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Permanent repair for tears and holes
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