Innovator: Berit & Lars-Erik Staffas
Berit & Lars-Erik Staffas

Slug Bar Pack of Five

Removes slugs ecologically
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    • A clever way to avoid slugs between March and October
    • Use less slug killer
    • Protects your lawn against slug killer

    The slug bar is a very clever innovation that helps you get rid of slugs in your garden. Refill the slug bar with slug killer regularly and the slugs will crawl off to hide and then die within a day or so.

    The slug bar works perfectly around the edge of the garden, by the flowerbed or pallet garden, on the compost, or under large bushes where slugs tend to hide during the day. The pack contains five slug bars, enough for a medium-sized terraced-house garden. However, this may vary depending on how many slugs you have in the garden, how big your garden is, and the number of garden plants you have that attract slugs.

    Halting a slug invasion takes time, but with the slug bar you are able to fight the slugs around the clock. The slug bars can be placed in the garden once the temperature is above five or six degrees Celsius and they can be left out in the garden all summer. Remove the slug bars from the garden in the autumn once the temperature drops below five degrees. In the winter, when temperatures go below four degrees the slugs rest and do not pose a threat.

    Put a little slug killer in the slug bar and place it in the garden. About a teaspoon of 15 to 20 pellets is usually enough; you needn't cover the bottom entirely. Since you only need a little slug killer at once, it will last longer. The slug bar prevents the lawn from absorbing the acidifying slug killer, which is rich in iron phosphate.

    As the slug killer becomes damp at night, the smell of it attracts slugs from up to two metres away. A slug bar has a catch-radius of about two to three metres, so place the bar in areas that are most densely populated by slugs; for example by the flowerbed, along the edge of the garden or by the pallet garden.

    If you check the slug bars daily, you will soon notice which bars the slugs have visited as you will see where the most pellets are missing and where the slug trails lead. If one of the bars is visited less often, simply move it to another place in the garden. Top tip! Go out at night to see where you can find slug trails and place the slug bars in the areas with the most trails.

    Note! Only use approved and eco-certified slug killer. The slug killer makes the slugs feel full, and once they have eaten a few pellets they crawl back into their hiding places. After a day or so, they will die in their hiding place, and you needn't remove dead slugs from the slug bars. Iron phosphate occurs naturally in nature and decomposes into iron and phosphate, which make good plant fertilizer.

    To keep in mind: The slug killer should be kept dry, so place the slug bar in an area where it won't end up in a puddle. Place a large stone over the slug bar to prevent birds from removing the lid and eating the pellets. The slug killer is not harmful to other animals, pets or humans, but if birds are eating your slug killer, you will have to refill the bars more often.

    The slug bar is manufactured in Sweden and is made of PET plastic. Slug killer is not included.

    Number per pack: 5 slug bars
    Dimensions: 10.5 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm
    Opening: 8 cm x 1.5 cm
  • Article nr: 13218
    Stock availability: 179
    Depth: 9 cm
    Height: 3 cm
    Material: PET plastic
    Quantity per pack: Five slug bars
    Width: 10,5 cm
  • InnovatorsBerit & Lars-Erik Staffas

    Lars-Erik and Berit Staffas bought a villa with a large garden in the small town of Mölnlycke in the 1970’s. They started growing lettuce and planting flowers, but soon ran into problems from uninvited garden guests. That’s when the idea for the innovative Slug Bar, an environmentally friendly method of controlling killer slugs, was born!

    "I used to pull out 300 slugs from the plot every night. With the Slug Bar, I don't have to and the slugs leave our garden alone," says Lars-Erik.


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