Herb pot with plant lamp

Keeping your green plants alive
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    • Extends the life of store-bought spices & herbs
    • Enables year-round cultivation
    • Stylish interior design detail
    Meet the SUNLiTE miniHerb - the tool that keeps your beloved kitchen herbs and homegrown spices alive. The miniHerb is no ordinary growing accessory; it effectively combines a growing tray and plant light, everything your green friends need to thrive. The food-grade PP plastic growing tray is a practical and stylish addition to your home decor.

    The herb pot is available in two different sizes. The smaller version, with a diameter of 23 cm, has room for up to four Ø8cm pots or about six store-bought herbs. For those who want to give their vibrant vegetation a little more room to manoeuvre, there is the larger version with a diameter of 31 cm, which leaves room for four Ø13cm pots. The accompanying SUNLiTE plant lamp quickly turns your green plants into real sunbathers, where they can enjoy their own little sunshine oasis.

    VIP treatment for your plants

    We all know that light is important to keep our spirits up, and that's true for herbs too. This luminous wonder not only gives your plants a life-giving glow, it also comes with a telescopic stand. The stand can be easily adjusted as your plants turn into a blooming greenery. A big plus is that the SUNLiTE miniHerb takes good care of your green companions all year round, even the more light-demanding types. Now that's what we call smart! Get ready to become an herb master, a green guru and plant superhero, transforming your kitchen into a lush oasis of flavours - ready for culinary adventures.


    Colour: White
    Cable length: 4m
    Length of telescopic tripod: 0.3 - 1.0m
    Diameter: 23cm/31cmMaterials: Stainless steel telescopic tripod, PP plastic cultivation tray and aluminium lampshade
    Height of cultivation pot/plant tray: 8 cm
    Height of light source: 6.5 cm
    Light angle: 120°Life span: 25,000h
    Power: 10WPPFD: 358µmol@100mm
    Colour temperature: White, 5000
    Power adapter: 24VDC / 230V 50Hz
  • Article nr: 14098
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 23 cm , 31 cm
    Height: Height of light source: 6.5 cm , Height of light source: 6.5 cm , Plant tray 8cm
    Length: Cable length 4m
    Material: Aluminium lampshade , Plant tray in PP Plastic , Telescopic stand in stainless steel
    Other: AC Adapter 24VDC/230V 50Hz** , Lifespan 25000h , Light angle 120 degrees , Light temperature white 5000K , Power 10W , PPFD 358umol@100mm
    Quantity per pack: 1
    Colour: White
  • How does plant lighting work?

    Plant lighting uses special light sources, usually LEDs, that emit light wavelengths that are optimal for plant photosynthesis. These light sources provide light energy that plants need to grow and thrive.

    When is plant lighting needed?

    Plant lighting is needed when plants don't get enough natural light, for example during the winter months or in spaces without windows.

    How close to the plant should plant lighting be placed?

    Plant lighting should be placed relatively close to the plants to ensure they receive enough light. Usually, a distance of about 15-30 cm from the top of the plants is recommended.

    How much electricity does a plant light use?

    The electricity consumption of a plant light varies depending on its type, size and power. Generally speaking, LED plant lights consume less electricity than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs and are more energy efficient.

    How long should plant lights be left on?

    The time plant lights should be on depends on the type of plant you are growing and its specific light needs. Generally speaking, most plants need 12-16 hours of light per day to thrive. It is common to use a timer to control the lighting time.

    How many lumens are needed for plant lighting?

    The amount of lumens needed for plant lighting depends on the types of plants you are growing and their light requirements. Usually, it is recommended to choose plant lights with a light intensity of around 2000-5000 lumens for indoor growing.

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Herb pot with plant lamp Herb pot with plant lamp
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