Innovator: Leif Nygren
Leif Nygren

Flagpole mop

Goes up and down the pole to clean it
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    • Easy to attach to the flagpole
    • Cleans right up to the top
    • Fits on 12 m long flagpoles

    Long majestic flagpoles easily collect moss and other dirt that accumulates throughout the year when the flagpole is exposed to all weathers. This flagpole mop cleans the entire pole without having to fold up the pole. Get a perfect clean finish right up to the top.

    You only need water for the mop's microfibre material to wipe off and absorb the dirt and vegetation on the pole bar. Chemical-free, simple, fast and fun!

    Soak the flagpole mop in water and wrap it around the pole with the Velcro strap. Make sure the the green side is facing inward. Thread the flagpole ties through the loops and lift the mop up the flagpole. Slide the mop up and down until the pole is clean again. For stubborn dirt, attach the ties to the loops on the opposite side of the flagpole and adjust where the mop comes into contact with the pole.

    The flagpole mop fits flagpoles with a maximum of 44 cm in circumference that are 9-12 metres high. After use, wash the mop in the washing machine at 60 ° C, without fabric conditioner. Wash with similar colours.
  • Article nr: 12597
    Stock availability: 37
    Diameter: Fits up to about 12-meter high flagpoles.
    Material: Microfibre cloth, velcro strap
    Width: 13 cm
  • Leif Nygren| SmartaSaker

    Innovator: Leif Nygren

    Leif Nygren is not just any retiree. From decorator and shop communicator to innovator of the flagpole mop. An idea that began as a travelling flagpole washer then evolved into a tangible product, appreciated by many.

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Leif Nygren Leif Nygren
Flagpole mop Flagpole mop
Goes up and down the pole to clean it
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