Shoe Dryer

Dries and warms shoes and boots
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12 V for car and boat
230 V with UV light Orange 12 V for car and boat
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    • Warms and dries silently
    • Fits all types of shoes and boots
    • Available in two models: either a 12 V or 230 V power supply

    Whether coming in after a rainy day, a lovely session on the ski slope, or an excursion out in nature, even the best of shoes can get a bit damp. Having a pair of shoe dryers close at hand will allow you to put your feet into a nice pair of dry and warm shoes just a few hours later.

    Place the dryers in a pair of damp shoes, connect them to a power source, and just a short time later they'll reach their optimum working temperature (approx. 30 °C). By using an innovative circulation technique, the drying process is accelerated and the dryers will run completely silently. Drying times will vary depending on how wet the shoes are but the end result is always comfortably dry and fresh shoes.

    The shoe dryers are available in two models: one with a 12 V power supply and one with a 230 V power supply.

    The 12 V power supply model is perfect to carry with you in the car or boat.

    The 230 V charged model is ideal for leaving at home or in a summer cottage. It draws power directly from the wall socket. This model also has built-in UV light that reduces bacteria and unwanted odours in your shoes.

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    Height: 3 cm
    Length: 16 cm
    Other: Cable length: 1.4 m + 2 x 40cm
    Width: 5 cm
    Weight: 160 g kg

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