Shopping bag and backpack, Notabag

Reusable carrier bag with large reflective surfaces
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    • Easily converts from shopping bag to backpack
    • Large reflective surfaces increase your visibility
    • Choose model: Notabag Mini or Notabag Original

    The Notabag is a combined backpack and shopping bag with good storage and large reflective surfaces on the outside to make you more visible after dusk. The versatile bag has comfortable handles and is easy to carry as a regular shopping bag. If you suddenly need your hands free, you can quickly turn the shopping bag into a backpack and carry the Notabag on your back.

    Easily change from a carry bag to a rucksack

    Notabag gives you smart and portable storage for all occasions. By simply pulling the straps, you decide whether you want to use the Notabag as a backpack or a handy shopping bag. If you pull the straps on the top, the Notabag becomes a shopping bag. Pulling the straps on the front turns the shopping bag into a backpack instead.

    The durable bag can easily handle 15kg of weight and with a little weight in the bag, the opening will retract itself when you pick it up to use it as a backpack.

    Reflective surfaces provide extra visibility

    The reflective surfaces on the shoulder straps and back of the bag give you extra visibility in the dark. Smart when travelling in traffic as a pedestrian or cyclist.

    Note that the Notabag is not an approved reflector and should only be used in addition to approved personal reflectors.

    Combined inner pocket and storage bag

    The integrated inner pocket gives you good storage for keys and other small items. The inner pocket also serves as a storage pocket for your Notabag when not in use. Fold the bag and put it in the inner pocket. The Notabag takes up little space in its case and can be easily stowed away until the next time you need a carrier bag. The inner pocket is sewn into the bag so you don't risk losing it.

    REACH-certified materials

    Notabag consists of a unique blend of cotton and polyester, specially designed for Notabag bags. The cotton provides a soft and comfortable feel and the polyester makes the bag durable and ensures that the bag has a long life. The reflective material is made of 100% polyester.

    All materials are REACH certified and tested for harmful chemicals.
    Notabag has international patents.

    Care instructions

    Your Notabag can be hand washed or machine washed at 30°C and should be hang-dried after washing. If necessary, you can cold iron the bag.

    Available in Mini and Original sizes

    The Notabag Mini is a smaller version of the Notabag Original. Apart from the size, the two models are identical and have the same characteristics.

    Notabag Mini

    Size: 52 cm x 36 cm
    Pocket size: 12.5 cm x 10.5 cm
    Weight: 84 grams
    Maximum weight: 15 kg
    Materials: Cotton (63%) and rip-stop nylon (37%)
    The back and shoulder straps are made of highly reflective material.

    Notabag Original

    Size: 65 cm x 45 cm
    Pocket size: 15.5 cm x 13 cm
    Weight: 127 grams
    Maximum weight: 15 kg
    Material: Cotton (63%) and rip-stop nylon (37%)
    The back and shoulder straps are made of highly reflective material.


    Notabag's unique design has been recognised and rewarded with several awards, including the German Design Award 2016, the Hesse State Award for Universal Design and the Good Design Award 2019 in Japan.

  • Article nr: 14010
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: Mini 52 cm, Original 65 sm
    Material: Cotton 63%, Rip Stop Nylon 37 %
    Other: Max weight 15 kg
    Width: Mini 36 cm, Original 45 cm
    Weight: Mini 0.08 kg, Original 0.13 kg kg

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