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Gym bag SmellWell

Odour-absorbing scented bag for workout clothes
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    • Moisture-absorbing membrane with activated charcoal
    • Keeps clothes smelling fresh after exercise
    • Use for shoes, towels and sportswear

    SmellWell Freshener bag XL is a moisture and odour-absorbing gym bag that prevents your workout clothes from starting to smell bad after training. Put your shoes, clothes or your towel in the gym bag immediately after the workout and your clothes will stay fresh all the way home.

    The gym bag is excellent to use for your exercise wear, shoes, towel, knee pads and basically all other kinds of training equipment that tends to start to smell bad when it gets damp.

    You can also use the gym bag as a shoe bag to keep shoes and clothes separate in your gym bag or as long-term storage bag for all types of shoes.

    Here's how it works
    The moisture-absorbing membrane inside the gym bag effectively absorbs the moisture from your exercise wear after a workout. This prevents the bag from becoming a breeding ground for foul-smelling fungi, mold and bacteria, and counteracts foul-smelling odours.

    The gym bag is scented and leaves a fresh scent on the clothes. The perfumed scent is most noticeable in the beginning but will fade over time.

    Dry the bag occasionally in the sun
    It's a good idea to dry your gym bag a few times a year by laying it out in the sun. Turn the gym bag inside out and place it in direct sunlight. The heat from the sunlight means that the moisture-absorbing material regains its full effect.

    The gym bag should not be washed.

    Durable material
    The outer material is made of ripstop polyester which is both durable and water-repellent. The three layers of the membrane consist of activated carbon made from minerals and moso bamboo.

    The gym bag has full moisture and odour absorption capacity for up to 2 years. However, the function will continue to function long after that, albeit with a possibly weakened effect.

    Developed in Sweden
    SmellSwell Freshener bag XL is designed, developed and tested in Sweden and is approved in accordance with REACH. The gym bag is climate neutral and made of durable and recycled materials.

    About SmellWell
    The Swedish company SmellWell was founded in 2012. Without a product that could neutralise the foul-smelling odour from a pair of used football shoes, the founders of SmellWell decided to solve the problem themselves. Together with researchers, they developed an environmentally smart moisture absorber that led to their first product, fragrance bags for shoes.

    Today, the moisture-absorbing membrane is found in many products and SmellWell's products are sold in over 6,000 stores around the world.

    Volume: 20 liters
    Height: 50 cm
    Width: 39 cm
    Weight: 300 grams
  • Article nr: 13742
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 1 cm
    Height: 50 cm
    Width: 39 cm
    Weight: 0.3 kg

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