Silicone brush with scoop

Soft basting brush with reservoir
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    • Scoop up liquid in the reservoir
    • For basting, scooping and marinating
    • Flexible head with 100 soft bristles

    Brizzle is a soft silicone baking brush with a flexible head and a built-in reservoir that makes it effective for brushing food and pastries. The baking brush is excellent to use for brushing egg glaze onto buns, pastries and bread, basting and marinating meat and when you want to drizzle a little oil on vegetables.

    Flexible brush head with built-in reservoir
    When you press the brush against a surface, the brush head bends backwards. This allows you to scoop up liquid in the integrated reservoir. The reservoir holds about a tablespoon, which corresponds to about 15 ordinary "dips" with a regular brush.

    The bendable brush head gets down to the base so you can scoop up liquids from hard-to-reach places without having to hold large dishes and plates at an angle. The four small holes in the brush head control how much liquid runs down the bristles and make sure that it doesn't all run down at once.

    Convenient to put away
    The brush head has 100 soft silicone bristles. The silicone gives a natural non-stick effect that ensures that the liquid runs off the brushes and down onto what you're brushing.

    The cleverly designed handle means that the brushes don't touch the kitchen counter when you put away the basting brush. This reduces the risk of things getting messy and makes it easier when you have to clean up after yourself.

    Heat resistant and dishwasher safe
    The basting brush is heat resistant up to 260 °C and can be washed in the dishwasher after use.

    Australian design
    The Brizzle basting brush is designed by the Australian company Dreamfarm. Brizzle is an abbreviation for Scoop baste drizzle brush.

    Length: 27.9 cm
    Width: 5 cm
    Height: 3.5 cm
    Weight: 70 grams
    Material: BPA free nylon and food grade silicone
    Heat resistant: 260 °C degrees
    Can be washed in the dishwasher.
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    Height: 3.5 cm
    Length: 27.9 cm
    Material: BPA free nylon and food grade silicone
    Width: 5 cm
    Weight: 0.07 kg

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Silicone brush with scoop Silicone brush with scoop
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