Barbecue tools with magnetic holder

Barbecue set with barbecue brush, barbecue shovel & barbecue tongs
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    • Barbecue spatula, barbecue tongs & barbecue brush
    • Smart handles to keep the table clean
    • Magnetic barbecue tool holder with bottle opener

    Smart barbecue set from Australian company Dreamfarm with great barbecue tools that make grilling easier and more fun. Dreamfarm's barbecue set consists of lockable barbecue tongs with sausage picks, a barbecue brush with scoop and a barbecue shovel with a serrated short side. It also comes with a magnetic holder with bottle opener that attaches to the side of the gas grill and provides space-saving storage for your barbecue tools.

    Lockable barbecue tongs with sausage piercer 

    Dreamfarm's sturdy barbecue tongs make it easy to handle food on the grill. The sturdy tongs provide a good grip and control when turning food or serving it from the barbecue. In addition, the barbecue tongs have a sharp edge for easy splitting of sausages and a sharp spike for poking the sausages so they don't burst.

    Made from extremely durable stainless steel, the grill tongs can also be used to scrape off food debris from frying plates and griddles. The smart click lock at the back allows you to quickly open and close the tongs. Press the click lock to open the grill tongs. Close the tongs and click the lock again to lock the tongs in the closed position.

    Barbecue brush with scoop

    The barbecue brush allows you to easily scoop up marinade or glaze and brush the food on the barbecue with the soft silicone bristles. The deep scoop allows you to scoop the meat during cooking and the soft edges scrape the bowl clean of marinade, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

    The extra long handle keeps your hand away from the heat as you brush the marinade over the meat. The grill brush has 80 soft silicone bristles and is heat resistant up to 260°C.

    Barbecue spade with knife on the side

    The sturdy stainless steel grill shovel has a large flexible head that slides under burgers, steaks and roasts. The wide head makes it easy to lift, turn and flip food on the grill. Plus, one short side is serrated and works great for slicing sausages or making a cut to see if the meat is done.

    Magnetic holder with bottle opener

    The barbecue tools come with a strong magnetic holder that you can attach to the side of the barbecue. The holder keeps your barbecue tools within easy reach and also has a conveniently located bottle opener at the top. The magnetic holder also has strong magnets on the front that catch the cap once you have opened the bottle.

    The holder can remain on the barbecue without rusting. The magnetic holder should not be placed on spherical barbecues as they get too hot when grilling.

    Dreamfarm's unique handle

    All barbecue tools have a cleverly designed handle that bends the head up and keeps it in the air. This allows you to put the barbecue tool down without making a mess of the storage area.

    Easy to clean

    The barbecue tools are made of food-grade and BPA-free materials that are dishwasher safe.

    In the package

    Barbecue tongs Dreamfarm BBQ Clongs
    Barbecue shovel Dreamfarm BBQ Chopula
    Barbecue brush Dreamfarm BBQ Brizzle
    Magnetic holder with bottle opener

    Dreamfarm BBQ Clongs

    Length: 40.5 cm
    Width: 2.7 cm
    Height: 7.4 cm
    Maximum opening: 18 cm
    Weight: 220 grams
    Material: Stainless steel, nylon

    Dreamfarm BBQ Chopula

    Length: 38 cm
    Width: 10 cm
    Shovel surface: approx. 12.5 x 10 cm
    Height: 8.5 cmWeight: 100 grams
    Material: Stainless steel, nylon

    Dreamfarm BBQ Brizzle

    Length (including brushes): 37,5 cm
    Length of brushes: 3,5 cm - 5 cm
    Number of brushes: 80 pcs
    Width: 5,8 cmHeight: 4,5 cm
    Scope: 6,5 cm x 5,5 cm x 2 cm
    Weight: 120 grams
    Material: Nylon, silicone

    Magnetic holder

    Width: 9 cm
    Height (incl. bottle opener): approx. 9.5 cm
    Depth (incl. bottle opener): 5 cm
    Weight: 110 grams
    Material: Stainless steel, PP plastic

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    Quantity per pack: Grill tongs Dreamfarm BBQ Clongs, Grill spatula Dreamfarm BBQ Chopula, Grill brush Dreamfarm BBQ Brizzle, Magnetic holder with bottle opener

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