Silwy Magnetic Plastic Glasses

The glasses stay in place no matter what

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    • Stay in place on a leaning surface
    • Self-adhesive magnetic coasters
    • Very high quality

    These unique magnetic plastic glasses stay firmly in place on their magnetic coasters even if the surface is leaning! The glasses' and coasters' built-in magnets make them easy to carry on a tray or use while travelling by boat.

    The transparent glasses are elegant, easy to use and are made of very durable food-grade plastic. The magnet in the plastic glass is strong enough to keep the glass in place on leaning surfaces without making it difficult to pick the glass up.

    The included coasters have a core made of metal foil, which makes them somewhat flexible so that they can be attached to slightly valved surfaces. The bottom of the coaster is covered with a nanogel that sticks well to most smooth surfaces. The coasters do not leave any marks and are easy to clean should they get dusty or dirty. Simply rinse them in warm water to renew their self-adhesive qualities.

    These plastic glasses are part of an entire series of various kinds of magnetic glasses and coasters, all developed by the start-up Silwy. The glasses are produced in Bavaria, Germany and have been awarded with the German Innovation Award.

    The magnetic glasses come in a pack of two or a pack of six with different coloured bases:
    Pack of two - Transparent base
    Pack of two - Blue base
    Pack of six: blue, yellow, red, green, purple and grey base.

    Each pack includes the same number of magnetic coasters as it does beakers.

    Volume: 25 cl
    Height: 10 cm
    Width: 8 cm

    Note! Wash the glasses by hand! The hot water in the dishwasher may affect the magnet. The glasses can be stacked on top of each other to save space, but it is not recommended as this will leave marks on the sides of the glass.

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    Height: 10 cm
    Volume: 25 cl
    Width: 8 cm

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