Sleep mask with wireless headphones

Perfect for when you want to take a nap
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    • Shuts out light
    • Built-in speakers
    • Easy to take on trips

    With this smart sleeping mask with wireless headphones, you can fall asleep to the sound of great music, a podcast, or audiobook in your ears. The super-soft mask blocks out the light and is perfect for breaks in the middle of the day, or on a trip when you want to doze for a while.

    The sleeping mask is padded at the nose and has soft, comfortable memory foam that adapts to the tilt your head. You control how hard you want the mask to sit with the hook and loop strap on the back.

    Then just connect the wireless headphones to your phone and put on a really good playlist. With the convenient controls on the side, you can increase and decrease the volume, change the song and pause the music, directly on the sleep mask.

    Connect the phone
    Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, start the headphones by holding down the play/pause button until the light starts flashing red and blue. Look for BT-01 in the list of available Bluetooth devices in your phone and press connect.

    Controls on the side

    Pause/Start the music: Press play/pause button.
    Turn on / off voice control (Apple): Double-click the play/pause button
    Increase the volume: Press the + button
    Decrease thevolume: Press the - button
    Switchto next song: Hold the + button for 2 seconds
    Switchto the previous song: Hold the - button for 2 seconds
    Switchon / off: Hold the play/pause button for 2 seconds

    Charge the headphones
    When you need to charge the headphones, unplug the small charging cord through the hole on the inside. You will find the hole just to the left of the controls on the inside of the mask. Then charge the headphones with the supplied Micro USB cable in a USB port or in a wall socket with a USB charger (purchased separately). The sleeping mask is fully charged after about 2 hours and has about 8-10 hours of playing time.

    If you need to wash the sleeping mask, pull the speakers out of the mask so that no electronics are left in the mask. You can then hand wash the mask.

    Labels: CE, FCC, RoHS

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    Length: 36 cm
    Width: 11 cm
    Weight: 0,07 kg

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Sleep mask with wireless headphones Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
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