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Killnoise Ear plugs

Dampens the volume without damaging sound quality
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    • Lower volume, same sound quality
    • Soft ear plugs you can sleep in
    • Transparent and discreet

    Killnoise are Swedish-designed, soft and transparent earplugs that protect your ears without ruining the sound experience. The ear plugs turn down the volume so that the harmful noise is shut out, while preserving a clean and clear sound so you can enjoy a concert or talk normally in noisy environments.

    The reusable earplugs are easy to carry, easy to insert into the ears and comfortable for prolonged use. The soft stalk is perfect for sleeping, wearing under headphones or under your motorbike helmet. If you often get water in your ears, you can also use the earplugs when you swim for exercise.

    Killnoise reduces the average volume by 20 dB (SNR) and has four volume levels. This makes them perfect for use in different situations at work and in your free time. Insert them completely for maximum sound protection or pull them out in levels to gradually let in more sound.

    The ear plugs give you good protection at a club or concert with high volumes sometimes reaching 120 dB. You will avoid ringing ears the day after and protect yourself from developing tinnitus.

    It's great to have earplugs in the following situations:

    Working in noisy environments, for example, industry, pre-school, school, restaurants and offices.
    Working as a musician, DJ or playing and creating music.
    At a concert, nightclub or festival.
    When you want to rest your ears on a plane, bus or train.
    When watching motor-sports or working with motor-sports.
    Muting wind noise and engine noise when riding a motorbike.

    NB! If you are in an environment where there is a constant 120 dB sound volume, with possibly even higher sound peaks, you will need to use earmuffs. Examples of these situations are hunting and heavy industry work.

    Which size should I choose?
    Small is suitable for children, adolescents and adults with small ear canals.
    Medium / Large is suitable for most adults with normal-sized or large ear canals.

    Insert the earplugs
    Pull back the outer ear to straighten the ear canal. Hold the stalk on the earplug and insert it into the ear with a slight twist. The whole earplug is very soft and it is important to use both hands to insert the earplug properly.

    Using the earplugs for the first time
    With each use, the earplugs will gradually soften and shape themselves to your ear canals. If you find them a little stiff the first time you use them, you can heat them in warm water and soften them with your fingers.

    The ear plugs are easy to clean using just soap and water.

    The ear plugs come in a small case that you can store the earplugs in when you are not using them. The case fits in your pocket, bag or can be hung on your keyring. Available in several colours.

    Killnoise, Enthusiasts who love great audio experiences
    The Swedish company Killnoise are a bunch of enthusiasts designing and developing high-quality earplugs. Ear plugs should be a natural part of everyday life and you should be able to hear and experience all sound experiences without sacrificing your appearance or risk damaging your ears.

    The reusable earplugs are made of Swedish, soft thermoplastic material without silicone. They provide maximum comfort and are hypo-allergenic and recyclable. These high-quality ear plugs will last a long time.

    Killnoise ear plugs are CE marked.

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