Spike pillow

Muscle-relaxing neck pillow with spikes
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    • Increases blood flow to the neck
    • Relaxing and muscle stimulating
    • Can prevent headaches

    A spike pillow is a soft, oblong and pillow-shaped spike mat that you place behind the neck. The many spikes on pad increase blood circulation to the muscles, which can counteract stiffness and tenderness in the neck and prevent headaches.

    The spike pillow is comfortable to use when you work, study or watch TV series and you can use it when you're lying down, sitting on the sofa or on an office chair with a high backrest. In addition to having the spike pillow behind the neck, you can also use it under the legs or behind the spine.

    How to use the spike pillow

    Place the spike pillow behind the neck and tilt your head back. For inexperienced users, it may hurt a little at first and take a few tries before the pillow is comfortable. However, the initial pain from the nails will diminish over time and become less noticeable the more accustomed you become to using the spike pad.

    What is a spike pillow

    The spikes in the spike pad increase the blood flow to the neck and back of the head. The spike pillow is de-stressing, relaxing and muscle-stimulating, which can reduce muscle tension, stiffness and prevent headaches. It can also give you more energy and improve your sleep.

    How long should I use the spike pillow

    There is really no limit to how long you can use the spike pad. However, using the spike pillow for about 10-20 minutes per day is sufficient to notice a change. But there is no danger in using the spike pillow longer than that.

    About the spike pillow

    The spike pillow has 66 acupressure points in neat rows on the pillow. Each point has 27 spikes, which gives a total of 1782 spikes on the entire pillow.

    The removable cushion cover on the spike pillow can be removed and washed by hand if necessary.

    Next best in test
    In Kroppsexperten.se's test of spiked pillows, September 2022, the spiked pillow came in a close second. It was named the Best Inexpensive Nail Pillow 2022 with the reviews "Minimalist", "Inexpensive" and "Gives good pressure to the neck and throat".

    Dimensions: 37 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm
    Number of acupressure points: 66 cm
    Number of spikes: 1782 pcs
  • Article nr: 13785
    Stock availability: 6
    Height: 10 cm
    Length: 37 cm
    Width: 15 cm
    Weight: 0,16 kg kg

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