Small greenhouse for potted plants

Foldable and easily mounted protection

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    • Make your plants flourish
    • Protects against frost, bad weather, and animals
    • Perfect for fragile potted plants

    The greenhouse gives you a warmer climate that your plants can flourish in and is smart to place over a small cultivation, a lonely plant in the garden, or one or more delicate plants.

    How does the greenhouse work for potted plants?

    The tight plastic walls keep moist and heat inside while also giving the plants a protection against frosty nights during early spring and late autumn. The warmer climate contributes to the flourishing of your plants and makes the crops ripen faster during the summer.

    Another advantage of the greenhouse is that it protects against rain and wind while keeping birds, deer, and other animals that like to feed on your plants away. The greenhouse can also be used during springtime to pre-heat the earth before early plantings.

    How do I unfold the the greenhouse?

    The greenhouse is very easy to unfold, just take it out of the storage bag and it will unfold itself.

    Then use the accompanying ground rods and anchor the greenhouse into the ground.

    When you are not using the greenhouse, just fold it and place it in the storage bag. Takes up minimal space in your storage.

    Measurements: 0,5 meter x 0,5 meter x 0,5 meter

  • Article nr: 13569
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    Height: 50 cm
    Length: 50 cm
    Width: 50 cm

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Small greenhouse for potted plants Small greenhouse for potted plants

Foldable and easily mounted protection

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