Farming tunnel with insect net

Quick and easy to assemble

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    • Protects against animals and insects
    • Can be anchored to the ground
    • Foldable, easy to store

    The farming tunnel with insect net is a foldable protection that are quick and easy to assemble. Protects your plants against animals, insects and bad weather.

    How does the farming tunnel work?
    The insect net lets water and air through but gives a good protection against heavy rain, insects and storms that can hurt your plants.

    How do I anchor the farming tunnel?
    In the corners of the farming tunnel, there are small hobs that you can use together with ground anchors (not included) to attach the tunnel to the ground. The strong, flexible metal frames help to keep the tunnel standing straight.

    The farming tunnel is available in three different sizes:
    Small: 1 meter x 0,4 meter x 0,4 meter
    Medium: 1,25 meter x 0,5 meter x 0,5 meter
    Large: 1,5 meter x 0,6 meter x 0,6 meter

    Material: 0.4 mm ultra-fine woven PP
    Strong, flexible steel frames
    Number per package: 1 pc farming tunnel

  • Article nr: 11882
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    Height: Small: 0,4 m - Medium: 0,5 m - Large: 0,6 m
    Length: Small: 1 m - Medium: 1,25 m - Large: 1,5 m
    Material: Metal frame, UV-protected insect net.
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Width: Small: 0,4 m - Medium: 0,5 m - Large: 0,6 m

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Farming tunnel with insect net

Quick and easy to assemble

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