Smoke oven for the grill, Muurikka

Easy to bring in the boat or carry in the backpack on excursions

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    • Place over the campfire or on a grill with coal or gas
    • Perfect for meat, fish, shellfish, and vegetables
    • Easy to bring

    With the award-winning smoke oven, you can easily smoke fish, meat, shellfish, and vegetables. Bring to the outing or the barbeque at home in the backyard. The portable smoke oven can be used over an open flame, or on a grill with coal or gas and is perfect for everyone that likes to cook food outdoors.

    The smoke oven is 40 cm x 16 cm and weighs approx. 2 kg. Because of the neat size and weight, it is perfect to bring in the boat, the canoe, or in your outdoor backpack. Even if you do not put smoking chips in every time, the closed cylinder will give you a steady cooking process, and it works as a practical oven to use when you are on an outing, or as a complement for the grill.

    How do I use the smoke oven?

    Sprinkle smoking chips, juniper sticks, or branches with fresh herbs in the bottom, insert the dripping trough above, then push the grill in last with the food. Close the smoke oven and place it over the fire or the grill. The lid helps to seal in both the smoke and the moisture. The smoked food becomes extremely juicy and will receive a nice smoky taste (Note! Smoking chips are not included).

    Grill over an open flame

    The accompanying legs are useful if you want to place the grill over a campfire. Push the legs into the ground and place the smoke oven above the fire. The smoke oven can also be put directly into the fire. If needed, place a couple of stones as support for the legs to make sure that the grill is stable.


    All parts of the smoke oven are made of stainless steel. It is easy to wash thanks to the dripping trough that catches oil and fat. When you are camping, you can also clean the trough, the grid, and the smoke oven with some fresh water and rub it with sand. Both the grid and the trough are dishwasher safe.

    The Finnish company Muurikka

    The smoke oven is made by the Finnish company Muurikka and won the Hardware-category in the international competition Scandinavian Outdoor Awards Spring/Summer 2021.

    Note! The smoke oven becomes extremely hot! Use sturdy potholders/protective gloves to avoid burning yourself. Be wary of hot smoke when you open the oven.

    Material: Stainless steel
    Length: 40 cm
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Grid measurements: 38 cm x 14 cm
    Weight: 2,1 kg
    Note! Smoking chips are not included in the package

  • Article nr: lima-340352
    Stock availability: 6
    Diameter: 16 cm
    Length: 40 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Weight: 2,1 kg

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Smoke oven for the grill, Muurikka Smoke oven for the grill, Muurikka

Easy to bring in the boat or carry in the backpack on excursions

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