Softybag armchair

Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
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      • Perfect for a day at the beach
      • Easy to inflate
      • Holds 200 kg

      The inflatable armchair from Softybag is a comfortable lounge chair to sit on the beach or for a picnic. The light armchair is easy to take with you, can be filled with air quickly and can be used on most surfaces indoors and outdoors.

      You'll always have somewhere to sit on a trip with this armchair. The small storage bag can be carried on your back so you can take your softybag with you wherever you go. The armchair is comfortable to sit on at home in the garden or by the pool. Softybag is also practical when you have friends over and can be used indoors as a comfortable addition to the living room sofa.

      The armchair is made of durable and waterproof material. The armchair weighs less than a kilo but can withstand approx. 200 kg. You can use it in the water and on most surfaces on land. A good rule of thumb is that you can use it if you can walk barefoot without hurting your feet. It comes with a tent-pin so you can anchor the armchair in the sand or grass on windy days.

      You don't need to blow up the chair or use a pump to fill it with air. Just sweep the opening through the air a couple of times to fill with air. When the armchair is approx. 70% filled with air, roll up the opening and lock the buckle. Tip! You can stand still when you do this and you can also fill the Softybag indoors.

      How to use
      When you've stood up and sat down a few times, or after a period of use, you might need to top up the armchair with air. Just scoop up a bit more air and close the buckle so the armchair is full again.

      When you roll up the armchair, open the buckle so that most of the air goes out. Then roll up the Softybag from the top end and fold it into the small storage bag. The armchair should be stored indoors when you aren't using it.

      Softybag armchair comes in a range of colours.

      Weight: 880 gram
      Max weight: 200 kg
      Measurements inflated: 135 x 88x 70 cm (L/B/H)
      Measurements folded up: 14 x 22 x 32 cm (L/B/H)

    • Article nr: 13436
      Stock availability: 0
      Height: 70 cm
      Length: 135 cm
      Width: 88 cm
      Weight: 0,88 kg

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