Innovator: Elin & Magnus Holmgren

Snow sculpture sack

Make sculptures with any kind of snow
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    • Fill the sack with snow
    • Pack the snow in tightly
    • Remove the sack and carve a snow sculpture!

    With the snow sculpture sack, you can form amazing snow sculptures even when the snow outside isn't the best quality. The snow sack means you can pack snow in tightly even in below-zero temperatures, and gives you a stable cylinder of snow that you can carve into many different amazing shapes.

    The snow sculpture sack consists of a cylindrical, durable tarpaulin bag with a zipper. Fill the bag with snow and pack it tightly. When the sack is full, pull down the zipper and carefully remove the tarpaulin, including the flaps at the bottom that hold the snow in the sack.

    Create beautiful snow sculptures
    What remains is a 150 cm high and 70 cm wide cylinder of tightly packed snow which is a perfect base for many different snow sculptures. The classic snowman is one of the simpler sculptures. But if you're feeling extra creative, you can follow some of the different drawings you get and try one of the slightly more difficult sculptures.
    The instruction manual included contains pictures with descriptions.

    Stack two cylinders on top of each other
    Once you've got the hang of things and used the snow sculpture sack a few times, you can try stacking two cylinders on top of each other. This requires some balance, but gives you a three meter high base to make larger sculptures with.

    Tips when temperatures fall below 9°C
    In extremely low temperatures and when the snow is very porous, you can leave the snow cylinder for a few hours or overnight so that the snow has time to "settle" before you start sculpting.

    Swedish innovation
    The snow sculpture bag is developed by the Swedish inventor duo Elin Holmgren and Magnus Holmgren. Together, they run a family business that has developed several different games and activity-based inventions for the whole family.

    Snow sculpture sack: Height: 1,5 meter, Diameter: 70 cm
    Packaging dimensions: 42 cm x 30 cm x 3 cm

  • Article nr: 13647
    Stock availability: 34
    Diameter: 70 cm
    Height: 1.5 meters
    PDF: Manual

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