Soft Band for NozzyGlider Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle

New soft bands for the NozzyGlider vacuum cleaner nozzle
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    • Give the nozzle new glide surfaces
    • Easy to roll on
    • 2 new soft bands

    The soft bands are the small black bands on the ends of the NozzyGlider vacuum cleaner nozzle. They act as gliding surfaces for the nozzle, with a low friction that makes it easy to vacuum on all surfaces.

    When your old soft bands start to wear out, you can simply replace them with new and fresh soft bands, so that NozzyGlider easily slides over carpets and floors again.

    Remove the worn-out soft bands from the nozzle, and roll on the new ones. Make sure that the soft bands are in the groove on each side, then you can continue vacuuming again.

    The package contains two new soft bands.

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    Quantity per pack: 2 x soft bands

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Soft Band for NozzyGlider Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle
New soft bands for the NozzyGlider vacuum cleaner nozzle
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