Innovator: Donald Hamilton

Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle NozzyGlider

Makes it smooth and easy to vacuum
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        • One setting for all surfaces
        • Intake underneath and at the sides
        • Uses round vacuum cleaner pipes

        With the Swedish-made vacuum cleaner nozzle, NozzyGlider, you can vacuum everywhere without having to switch settings when you move between carpets and hard floors. The super-light nozzle has low friction, does not suck into the surface, and has several intakes both under and on the sides of the nozzle, which means that you can even vacuum into the corners.

        NozzyGlider vacuums equally well on floors, carpets and tiles. Because you do not have to change the setting between the different surfaces, you can go from one surface to another without having to stop. The low friction between the nozzle and the surface makes it easy to vacuum and you save both time and energy as it does not suck into carpets and floors.

        The nozzle's unique design sucks up dust and small crumbs both under the nozzle and on either side of the T-shaped head. This allows you to easily access and vacuum along mouldings and in corners. If you angle the nozzle vertically, you can also vacuum behind a sofa or between pieces of furniture that are close together.

        The vacuum cleaner nozzle is only 4.5 cm high and can vacuum under low furniture. You also normally never need to remove the nozzle to use the vacuum cleaner tube. Just angle the nozzle, and use the side of the NozzyGlider to, for example, vacuum over the strip, or where you otherwise use the tube.

        The two soft bands on the outer edges mean that the 130-gram light nozzle easily glides over the various surfaces. The durable soft straps last a long time, but can easily be replaced when they become worn. They wear mostly when you vacuum on rough surfaces, for example on stone floors.

        If you want to clean the nozzle, remove it from the vacuum cleaner tube, roll off the soft straps and rinse the nozzle under the tap. If you want, you can also drip in a couple of detergent drops and it will be like new again.

        The NozzyGlider nozzle only fits in round vacuum cleaner tubes, that are between 31-35 mm in diameter. NozzyGlider does not fit oval tubes.

        NozzyGlider is a patented vacuum cleaner nozzle produced in Anderstorp, Sweden and developed by Donald Hamilton. Due to a knee injury, Donald was tired of his usual nozzle being too heavy, large and awkward to handle, while it sucked strongly all over the place. After a few months of development and a number of prototypes later, Donald was finally happy with the finished product, NozzyGlider.

        Material: Recyclable ABS-plastic.
        Weight: 130 grams
        Width: 26 cm
        Length: 17 cm
        Diameter/height: 4.5 cm at the widest

        In the package:
        1x Vacuum cleaner nozzle NozzyGlider with two soft bands
        1x pack with spare soft bands (2 pcs)

      • Article nr: 13340
        Stock availability: 17
        Diameter: 4,5 cm
        Length: 17 cm
        Material: ABS-plastic
        Other: Fits only round vacuum cleaner tubes, that are between 31-35 mm in diameter
        Quantity per pack: 1 x NozzyGlider vacuum cleaner nozzle, 1 package with 2 extra soft bands, 1 NozzyGlider vacuum cleaner nozzle, 1 package with 2 extra soft bands
        Width: 26 cm
        Weight: 0,13 kg

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