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Boxing ball Original

Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
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    • Train your coordination and concentration
    • Train your reflexes
    • Perfect for parties and family gatherings

    Boxing ball Original is a fun exercise accessory to train your concentration, coordination, and your reflexes. This boxing ball can be used by people of all ages and is perfect for family dinners, or at parties where you can compete to see how many punches one can connect in a row.

    The small boxing ball hangs from an elastic string that is attached to a headband. Wrap the string around the headband so that the ball sits at the appropriate distance, roughly an arm's length away from your body. Secure the headband and start boxing!

    Start slowly so you can learn how the ball responds. When you feel that you have control over how the ball moves, you can start boxing harder and try different types of hits and tricks.

    The boxing ball is a smart complement to your other training routines, and when you have mastered the technique it can even work as a conditioning exercise set. Boxing for a few minutes during a well-earned break at work can also give you the help you need to regain your focus.

    Together with your boxing ball you also get a water-resistant storage bag that can hold your boxing ball and headband.

    Adjustable headband with self-fastening strap
    Elastic string with a soft boxing ball
    Water-resistant storage bag

  • Article nr: 13761
    Stock availability: 43
    Diameter: 8 cm
    Length: 90 cm - 150 cm elastic string
    Other: From 4 years

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Jacob & Victor Eriksson Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Boxing ball Original Boxing ball Original
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
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