Solar Cell Facade Light

Facade light with a motion sensor and two brightness settings
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    • Large solar panel
    • Light sensor and motion sensor
    • Two brightnesses

    This elegant solar cell facade light has light and motion sensors, and is re-charged during the day. At night it provides a nice light that becomes brighter as someone passes by.

    The attractive and practical outdoor light provides a clear light and can be attached to the facade of the house, by the front door or the garage door. The facade light is turned off during the day, but as soon as it gets dark, the light comes on, casting a clear white light (70 lumen) during the night.

    The built-in motion sensor detects movements within a six metre radius and the brighter light (500 lumen) is activated if someone enters this area. Twenty-five seconds after the six metre radius has been vacated, the brighter fades out and the softer light (70 lumen) takes over again.

    The facade light has three different ON settings. Turn the light on by holding the ON button down for three seconds. To choose which setting you would like, press the button an additional 1, 2 or 3 times.

    ON setting 1: The light turns itself on at dusk and shines with a brightness of 70 lumen light. The motion sensor is turned off.

    ON setting 2: The light turns itself on at dusk and shines with a brightness of 70 lumen. The motion sensor is on and the brighter light (500 lumen) is switched on as soon as it detects any motion.

    ON setting 3: Only the motion sensor is on and the brighter light (500 lumen) is turned on as soon as it detects any motion in the evening. Then the light is turned off again.

    The large solar panel on the top of the light charges the battery during the day when the light is off. The battery charges best when it has access to direct sunlight, so try to avoid placing the lamp anywhere where a roof or tree shades the panel. The 40 small LED lights are attached below the solar panel. The bright light is reflected against the grey lamp, which spreads the light sideways.

    Before using the facade light for the first time, help the battery get off to a good start by making sure the ON setting is activated during the day and the OFF setting at night. Once the battery has spent 36 hours charging in the sun, the ON setting can be activated all the time.

    The facade light comes with a mounting plate, dowels and two screws. The light can easily be removed from the mounting plate, which is practical during the winter or if you need to change the battery.

    Number of LED lights: 40
    Brightness: 70 lumen/500 lumen
    Burn period: approx. 6 hours at 70 lumen
    Motion sensor: 4 to 6 metres, 90° angle
    Waterproof: IP44 move indoors if the temperature is below zero for a long period of time.
    Battery: 118650 Li-Ion Rechargeable, replaceable
    Colour: Grey
  • Article nr: 13186
    Stock availability: 3
    Depth: 19 cm
    Height: 7 cm
    Width: 16 cm

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