Bokashi Compost bin starter kit

Recycles food waste to soil conditioner extremely high in nutrients
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    • Easy to use kitchen compost
    • Nutrient dense residual water
    • Powerful fertiliser

    Bokashi is an extremely efficient solution for utilising your food waste. The food waste is recycled to a soil conditioner that is extremely high in nutrients - perfect for your garden, veggie-patch, house plants etc. In Japan, Bokashi has existed for a very long time; with help of the micro-organisms the food waste isn't just composted but fermented. Fermented soil is higher in nutrients and has a better texture that doesn't require time to mature.

    Included in the start kit:
    2 Bokashi compost bins, 1 kg compost pellets, measuring cup, container for the residual liquid & levelling tool.

    In this air-tight compost bin you can place all of your food waste and other organic matter such as coffee grounds, egg shells, cheese etc. The compost bin is designed to be used indoors, such as on the kitchen counter or on the balcony.

    Collect your food scraps throughout the day and place them in the bin at night. With help of the compost pellets the food waste will start the composting process. When the bin starts to get full and 2-3 weeks have passed the compost is ready to be mixed in with the soil; this is when the nutrient-dense compost starts creating the powerful fertiliser.

    Throughout the 2-3 weeks when the food waste is being composted, the residual water can be poured out and used as plant nutrients. The plant nutrients in the residual water are great to use on your house-plants or other plants in the garden. .

    For Bokashi composting process to take place an air-tight bin, drainage tap and bokashi compost pellets are needed to begin the process as quickly as possible.

    Tips! The Bokashi compost is typically odour-free but if the compost is quite damp it can begin to smell a little sweet and fermented - this can be fixed using the drainage tap to let out the residual water and pouring in pellets or tissues and newspaper to absorb more moisture.

    Extra compost pellets can be bought separately

    This is how Bokashi works:

    1. Collect your food scraps in a container throughout the day
    2. Pour your collected food scraps in the compost bin with approximately 1-2 tablespoons of compost pellets.
    3. Repeat this process till the entire bin is full. During this period the residual water can be drained and used as extra nutrients for your plants - dilute with water 1:100 (1 dl to 10 litres of water) or 1:1000 for less fragile plants
    4. When the compost bin is full, let it rest for 2-3 weeks indoors. Continue collecting your food scraps in a separate bin.
    5. After the compost has finished resting for about 2-3 weeks it is ready to be mixed with the soil
    6. After a couple of weeks in the soil the food scraps will have completely composted into a nutrient-dense fertiliser.

  • Article nr: 12729
    Stock availability: 29
    Depth: 27 cm
    Height: 39 cm
    Quantity per pack: 2 bokashi composting bins, 1kg compost mix, drain juice container, doser and flattening tool
    Volume: 16 liter
    Width: 32 cm
    Weight: 1,1 kg

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