Solar Cell Driveway Light

Durable driveway light that withstands loads of up to three tonnes

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    • Charges during the day, turns on at dusk
    • Withstands loads of up to three tonnes
    • 1 driveway light, dowels and screws

    This clever solar cell driveway light charges during the day and automatically turns on at dusk. The cosy warm white light from the twelve LED lamps shines through the side windows and turns the lamp into a little lighthouse on your driveway.

    The extremely durable driveway light is screwed into the driveway and withstands loads of up to three tonnes. In other words, it won't be damaged if you happen to drive over it. The light can be placed to help guide you up the driveway, to signify the end of the driveway or to mark the line between two parking places.

    The large solar panel on the top of the light charges the built-in battery during the day and as it gets dark, the light automatically turns on. The light shines for about six hours on a fully charged battery.

    Make sure the light is placed so that it receives direct sunlight during the day for the best effect. When the light is new, let it charge in the sun for 36 hours for the battery to reach full effect.

    The driveway light comes with dowels and two screws. Note! Open the battery flap and remove the paper from the battery before screwing the light into your driveway. We recommend using a PH2 6 mm screwdriver.

    Top tip! If you have more than one light, you can place them in a line to light up the entire driveway.

    Number of lights in the pack: 1 driveway light
    Dimensions: 12 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm
    Brightness: 10 lumen, 0.12 W, 3 V
    1 AA Ni-MH Battery: 1.2 V 1,500 mAh
    Waterproof: IP44
    CE certified

  • Article nr: 13185
    Stock availability: 13
    Height: 3 cm
    Length: 12 cm
    Other: Maximum weight: 3 tonnes
    Width: 12 cm

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Solar Cell Driveway Light Solar Cell Driveway Light

Durable driveway light that withstands loads of up to three tonnes

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