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    Danish-developed GPS tracker that ensures your gadgets are always on your radar, no matter where they are. Its discreet and compact design makes it easy to attach to everything from cars to bikes, boats, suitcases and more. The tracker also offers coverage in over 55 countries - perfect for travelling. 

    No subscriptions and no fees

    The GPS tracker has a built-in prepaid SIM card, so it works without subscriptions or fixed charges. In the default setting, the position is updated once a day. The battery lasts for 4 years and can then be replaced. For a longer battery life, the GPS tracker also has an energy saving mode, where the position is updated once a week instead. Of course, if your object is lost, you can also switch to monitoring its position in real time. There are a total of five different tracking modes and the ability to tag a geofence. It is also possible to connect multiple tracking devices to your app. 

    Please note that any tracking changes will take effect when the tracker is active according to the predefined schedule. When the tracker is not active, it is in power saving mode. The tracker detects motion as acceleration, not as coordinates. 

    Support for both iOS and Android

    The accompanying app is available for both iOS and Android. It is also intuitive and user-friendly, giving you full control over your tracker. 

    Attach with foam adhesive

    The package includes a quick-setting foam adhesive to easily attach your tracker to surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Just remember to clean the surface before applying the adhesive.

    Step-by-step instructions

    1. Open Google Play or the App Store and download the associated app: CPH Trackers.
    2. Install and open the app and give it the necessary permissions.
    3. Create a user account with your email address as the username.
    4. Tap the "+" icon in the top right corner.
    5. Scan the QR code on the tracker or enter the ID manually.
    6. Give the tracker a name - e.g. "car", "boat" or "cargo bike”.
    7. Go outside and shake the tracker quickly for 10 seconds - then leave it outside for 5 minutes while it receives a GPS signal.
    8. Confirm that the activation status is "Activated”.
    9. Test the connection where you intend to mount the tracker.
    10. Mount the tracker with the provided adhesive when you are sure the connection is good. NOTE: Avoid too much metal around the tracker - metal reflects and blocks GPS signals, even tape, aluminium foil and paint with metal content can completely block both GPS and data network connection. However, the signals pass through glass, wood, plastic and fibreglass with no problem. Note that the GPS tracker is designed for outdoor use. If the tracker is indoors, it may give inaccurate or no coordinates, which will be displayed in the app as "Poor signal" or "No signal".


    Colour: Choose between black or white
    Length: 6.4 cm
    Width: 6.5 cm
    Height: 2.3 cm
    Battery life: 4 years (at 1 tracking per day)
    Replaceable battery: Yes
    IP67 water and dust resistant
    Full GSM/GPS coverage in all EU countries, Norway and the UK
  • Article nr: 14145
    Stock availability: 0
    Battery time: 4 years (1 track per day) , Possible to change the battery : yes
    Height: 2.3 cm
    Length: 6.4 cm
    Other: Full GSM/GPS coverage in all EU countries, Norway and the UK. , IP67 water and dust resistant
    Width: 6.5 cm
    Colour: choose between black or white

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