Teat for baby bottle Easy Drink, 2-pack

Extra teats for the Easy Drink bottle.
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    • Anti-colic and made of quality-assured silicone
    • Choose the size according to the child's age
    • The teats are sold in a 2-pack.

    With new teats, you can replace lost teats and buy new ones as your child grows older. The teats are anti-colic and fit the Easy Drink baby bottles..

    The teats are available in three sizes

    The three sizes are adapted to the child's age. The teats have different flows and allow your baby to get just the right amount of liquid when sucking on the bottle. By buying new teats as your baby grows, you can replace your old teats with new teats with a higher flow rate instead of buying a whole new bottle.

    The teats are available in the following sizes

    0-3 months (0+ months)
    3-6 months (3+ months)
    6+ months (6+ months)

    Anti-colic teats

    The teats are anti-colic. This means that they remove excess air and reduce the risk of the baby swallowing and getting air into the stomach, which could otherwise cause colic symptoms.

    Made from quality assured materials

    The nipples are made of quality-assured silicone and have a shape that mimics a breast.

    Before first use

    Sterilise the teats in boiling water for 5 minutes before first use. Do not sterilise the teats for longer than the recommended time. Always clean the teats after use, you can wash them in the dishwasher on the top shelf. Store the teats in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. Replace the teat after 2 months of use and if they get bite marks or cracks. Do not heat the teats in the microwave.


    Material: Silicone
    Number: 2 teats per pack.
    The teats fit the Easy Drink baby bottle.
    The teats fulfil the standard of EN-14350.
  • Article nr: 14068
    Stock availability: 0
    Quantity per pack: 2 pcs teats

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