Textile glue, The Style Stick

For temporary fixing & repairs
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    • Quick-drying textile adhesive
    • Water soluble, washes out
    • Sufficient for approx. 50-100 applications

    With The Style Stick textile glue, you can quickly hang up your trousers or temporarily style or mend your clothes when you need it most. The glue lasts until you either wash the garment or take the repair apart by hand. The glue stick is handy to keep in your bag at all times and is quick to pull out when you or a friend needs to fix your clothes.

    The quick-drying and temporary fabric glue can be used for quick style changes and emergency layouts when you don't have a sewing kit available. Are your trousers too long for the event or do you want to shorten the sleeve of your shirt? With the textile glue, it's easy to add a few centimetres to the garment so that the trousers fit the shoes and the shirt fits comfortably.

    With the textile glue you can smooth out an ugly shirt collar and glue in pockets that stick out. You can fix the bra strap under your dress and change the neckline of your blouse. With the textile glue you can temporarily fix a broken hem, glue gaps between shirt buttons or make sure the shirt stays together even if the whole button flies out.

    The fast-drying glue stick is quick to apply and takes only 2-10 minutes to set (depending on the material). The glue stick lasts for about 50 - 100 applications per stick, depending on what you use the stick for.

    Easy to use
    Apply a generous amount of textile adhesive to the fabric. Press the fabric together and hold for 30 seconds. Allow the adhesive to cure for about two minutes before using the garment. The adhesive will stay in place until you wash the garment, dry clean it or remove the patch by hand.

    Should the seal come loose from a movement during the evening, there is no danger. Reapply the glue and hold for 30 seconds, then wait for two minutes and the repair is now as good as new.

    Non-toxic, washable glue
    The textile glue is water-soluble, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and acid-free and does not puncture clothes like safety pins do. The adhesive is safe to use on all water-resistant fabrics.

    Note that there may be a small white mark after the glue. This is completely natural and can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth or sponge. Any residue of the water-soluble textile glue will also disappear in the wash.

    Can be used on many materials
    The Style Stick can be used on cotton, polyester, jean, wool, silk, nylon and rayon fabrics. NOTE! When used on glossy fabrics (satin, nylon, etc.), the adhesive should set for at least 10 minutes before using the garment.

    The adhesive is not recommended for use on high-gloss stretch fabrics such as elastane (spandex materials) or on workout clothes that get damp.

    Do not use on leather, suede or other water-resistant materials.

    To think about
    1. Use plenty of glue when gluing the garment together.
    2. It is important to press the fabric together for 30 seconds after application.
    3. The glue must set for at least 2 or 10 minutes (depending on the material). Try not to touch or move the fabric after pressing the glue together.
    4. It is possible to use the textile glue to fix a garment to the skin. Just remember that the glue is water-soluble so moisture, sweat, skin creams and oils will cause the glue to come off.
    5. It is not recommended to leave the glue stick in heat for long periods. It may cause the glue stick to melt.
    6. The textile adhesive should not be used on leather or other materials that are not water resistant.

    About Style Stick®
    The Style Stick textile glue was developed by innovator and entrepreneur Keith Marchant. Like many innovators, the idea came from a personal need. Keith had always been bothered by the fact that the collar of his golf shirt flew up and looked ugly on the golf course. So Keith decided to invent a solution to the problem.

  • Article nr: 13854
    Stock availability: 18
    Height: 2 cm
    Length: 8,3 cm
    Material: water-based textile adhesive
    Width: 2 cm
    Weight: 0,3 kg

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Textile glue, The Style Stick Textile glue, The Style Stick
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