Tick picker 2-pack with case

Effective tick remover with case
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    • Two tick removers in different sizes
    • Removes ticks on humans & pets
    • Delivered in unsorted colours

    The O'Tom Tick Twister is a smart tick remover that makes it easier to remove ticks from people and pets. The tick picker comes with two different sized tick pickers and a handy travel case that you can either keep in your pocket, attach to your backpack or put on your keychain.

    Remove ticks

    The tick picker's crowbar-like hook gives a good grip on the tick and makes it easier to grasp the whole body. Once you've hooked the tick, spin the tick remover a few turns and then pull the tick straight up. Twisting the tick remover makes it easier to release the tick and increases the chance of removing all parts of the tick.

    Tick remover for humans & animals

    O'Tom tick remover can be used on both humans and pets. Use the longer tick picker for larger ticks that are often on animals (but also humans), and the smaller tick picker to remove small ticks.

    Take the tick picker with you on your outing

    The handy case has instructions on the back showing you how to best remove a tick. The case is easy to carry with you on outings in the woods and is convenient to attach to a pocket in your rucksack or on your key ring.

    The tick picker is delivered in unsorted colours (pink, purple, blue, green, orange).

    Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 4.7 cm x 1 cm
    Weight: 12 grams
    Material: alcohol-resistant ABS plastic
    Colour: delivered in unsorted colours
    Country of manufacture: France
    Model: O'Tom Tick Twister®

  • Article nr: 13994
    Stock availability: 20
    Material: Alcohol-resistant ABS plastic
    Quantity per pack: 2 tick pickers in different sizes , Case
    Weight: 0,01 kg

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