Cleaning brush

For cleaning hard-to-reach areas
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115cm 70cm
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    • Effective dust collection
    • Reaches inside and around radiators
    • Bendable handle

    Cleaning brush for thorough and gentle cleaning of hard-to-reach places, such as narrow radiators, on top of cabinets and other confined spaces. Handle made of beechwood and transparent PVC with galvanised steel wire, which allows the brush to twist and bend in all directions. The fibres of the cleaning brush are made of grey goat hair, which is naturally soft and effective in collecting dirt and dust. Choose between two sizes. The 115-centimetre brush is particularly suitable for use as a radiator brush.

    Effective and gentle dust collection

    The fibres of the brush are made of soft goat hair, known for its ability to effectively collect dust and dirt without damaging or leaving marks on surfaces. With a bristle length of 50 cm, the fibres easily reach into and around narrow elements, behind furniture and other tight spaces where dust often collects. This makes the brush ideal for places where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach. The bendable handle gives you full control and makes cleaning quick and easy.

    Easy to maintain

    Gently pat the brush against your palm to make the dust fall off after use. If necessary, the fibres can be rinsed in water mixed with soap. Then rinse with clean warm water and shake to remove excess water. Then hang the brush up and let it dry completely at room temperature to maintain its shape and function.


    Materials: Beech wood, PVC, steel wire, goat hair
    Total length: 70 cm / 115 cm
    Handle length: 13.5 cm / 13 cm
    Diameter: Ø1-5 cm / Ø3-5 cm
    Number per pack: 1
    Country of manufacture: France
  • Article nr: 14337
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: ⌀1-5 cm / ⌀3-5 cm
    Length: 70cm / 115cm , Handle length: 13.5cm/13cm , Total length: 70cm / 115cm
    Material: Beech wood, PVC, steel wire, goat hair
    Quantity per pack: 1
    Colour: Light wood, grey

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