Prevents a pot from boiling over
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    • Protection against boiling over pots
    • Can also be used as a steaming pan or a splash cover
    • Fits most pots

    The Anti-boiling-over-lid is a clever lid made of silicone for your pots that makes it easy to cook potatoes, rice, pasta or milk without risking the fluids boiling over the rim. This lid regulates the pressure inside your pot and instead of boiling over the lid lets out steam and fluids from the top so the pressure is reduced.

    This lid from the German company Kochblume is made of high quality and cooking approved silicone. The lid can also be used as a splash lid over a frying pan or as a practical and easy steam-cooking apparatus when combines with a pot and a traditional lid.

    Place the lid over the pot and then leave it! It takes care of everything on its own. The lid comes in two sizes. The smaller one fits pots and pans between 14 cm to 20 cm in diameter. The larger lid fits pots and pans up to 24 cm in diameter. The lid does not work on pots with pouring spout.

    The Anti-boiling-over-lid can handle temperatures up to 260 °C.
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    Diameter: Fits pots from 14cm to 24cm in diameter. , Medium: Fits pots from 14cm to 24cm in diameter , Small: Fits pots from 14cm to 20cm in diameter
    Material: Silicone
    Other: Withstands up to 260 °C

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