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Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap

Protects food and covers bowls
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  • Covers food and bread
  • Reusable
  • Handmade from organic material

Bee's wrap is a natural and sustainable way to store and package food. You can shape the wrap to protect food and it is perfect for wrapping bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables or sandwiches. 

Bee's wrap is made from organic cotton covered with beeswax and organic jojoba oil and tree resin. These components create a wax paper that you can mould and use to wrap food in, as well as cover bowls and carafes.

The warmth of your hands makes the paper soft and malleable so you can wrap the paper tightly around the food until it cools to room temperature. Wrap the paper around a half onion or avocado, a piece of cheese or a sandwich to keep the food fresh for eating later.

Bee's wrap comes in four sizes in a 1-pack: Small (18 cm x 20 cm), Medium (25 cm x 27,5 cm), Large (33 cm x 35 cm) and Bread Wrap (43 cm x 58 cm). You can also buy Bee's wrap in a 3-pack with 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large.

The bee wax and jojoba oil contain naturally anti-bacterial properties that allows Bee's wrap to be reused. Wash the paper in cold water and washing up liquid if necessary after use. Air dry, fold the paper and store it in a kitchen drawer. Bee's wrap is not recommended for use with raw meat.

A new Bee's wrap has a light beeswax scent that begins to disappear with use. The wrap is still effective even if the smell disappears. The smell can vary depending on the season and which flowers the bees have pollinated.

All Bee's wrap is made in the USA and is designed by Sarah Kaeck in Vermont, a mother with an interest in cooking and a passion for the environment and developing ways of avoiding plastic food wrap.

Bee's wrap lasts for around 1 year and can then be put on the compost heap or disposed of as household rubbish. The beeswax in the paper makes it good for cutting into small pieces and using as a fire lighter.

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Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
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