Storage bag for vegetables

Extends the shelf life of your vegetables

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    • Can be washed in a machine
    • Environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags
    • Made of 100% organic cotton

    Vejibag is the smart storage bag that prolongs the shelf life of your vegetables while keeping them fresh and crispy in your fridge for up to two weeks. The storage bag is made of 100% ecologic cotton and is an environmentally friendly, effective, alternative to regular plastic bags.

    Vejibags smart combination of high moisture and good ventilation keeps the vegetables fresh longer. The moisture helps the vegetables to stay crispy and the ventilating cotton material ensures that it does not become too damp.

    When you keep your vegetables in plastic bags or closed storage boxes it becomes too moist and confined. That concentrates the ethylene gas from the ripening fruits and speeds up the decay.

    You can notice this in salad bags where for example rucola and spinach can become a little slimy after just a couple of days.

    The storage bag gives your vegetables the optimal conditions to stay fresh for as long as they can. Most vegetables will stay fresh for approximately 7-14 days in the fridge, which means that you do not have to unnecessarily throw away food and you get more time over to enjoy the tasty vegetables that you have bought or harvested.

    How to use your Vejibag

    Soak the bag, then twist it until it is only damp.

    Rinse the vegetables carefully. Remove damaged bits and shake off excess water.

    Place the bag on an open shelf, or in a protracted drawer (so the air can flow freely). If the bag dries out after a long period, just soak it again by holding it (with the vegetables) under the tap in the sink.

    Material and maintenance

    The storage bag Vejibag is made of 100% organic cotton. Vejibag can be washed in a machine in 30 degrees with a fragrance-free detergent. Turn the bag inside out when washing it then let it hang out to dry in the sun. Note! As the bag is made of 100% cotton it will shrink about 10% in size the first time you wash it.

    Available in two sizes

    Vejibag is available in two sizes. Choose between Standard and Large.


    Suitable for carrots, cucumber, chili, baby spinach, and other smaller, thinner vegetables.

    Measurements: 27,9 cm x 30,5 cm


    Suitable for kale, celery, zucchini, iceberg lettuce, and large quantities of rucola, spinach, and so on.

    Measurements: 27,9 x 43,2 cm

    About Vejibag

    Vejibag is created by the year-around cropper, and farmhouse-owner, Sally Erickson from Eastport, Maine. She needed a better alternative than plastic bags for transporting and storing her vegetables, as the plastic bags quickly made the vegetables brown and slimy.

    After doing some research, Sally discovered that the moist-loving vegetables stay fresh for the longest in a cool and damp environment. She also discovered that past generations used to wrap their vegetables in damp cloths and bags to keep them crispy, with great success.

    Sally put the two ideas together and sew her first bag in the year of 2013, in her living room.

    With the help of the reusable bags she could store, deliver, and sell her vegetables on the local market. The customers picked up the orders in the bags and could return the empty bags the next week.

    The bags quickly became a success and these days, Vejibag has been spread all over the world.

    Manufacturing process

    Vejibag is made in USA by worker- owned cooperatives. They are produced from bleach-free, colour-free, 100% ecologic cotton from Texas Marketing Cooperative and handsewn on the worker-owned Opportunity Threads in Valdese, North Carolina.

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