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Resqme, belt cutter & window smasher
Resqme, belt cutter& window smasher
Resqme easily smashes the window in an emergency
The Resqme belt cutter makes sure you are able to escape
For best use the Resqme is attached to your key ring and pulled off with a simpl
Resqme comes in many colours

Resqme, seat belt cutter, window breaker

Get out of the car quickly after an accident
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  • Cut off the seat belt
  • Break the glass
  • Reusable

With Resqme you can exit your car quickly in the event of an accident. With a powerful steel spike and a built-in seat belt cutter, Resqme can both free you from your seatbelt and smash the window or windscreen so you can get out of a car after an accident that has made your doors and/or seat belts non-operational.

Resqme is a small and potentially life-saving tool that can hang from your car's keyring so it's always within arm's reach. Resqme hangs from the keyring with a clip that can quickly be removed if the tool is needed for use.

Remove Resqme from the clip, the built-in knife is then exposed and can quickly cut off the seat belt. Then press the round black head of the tool against one corner of the side pane. A spring inside Resqme shoots out a powerful steel nail and breaks the glass.

The spring and nail return to their position on their own. The durability and sharp blade means that Resqme can be used several times.

ATTENTION! Resqme does not work on laminated glass, but works best on the temperate glass that the side windows are usually made of. To find out what kind of glass is in your car, look for the sticky note with "Tempered Glass" on the windows. If you do not find any information on this, look in your car's user manual or contact your car dealer.

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Resqme, seat belt cutter, window breaker
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