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Wireless speakers and headphones

Check out our collection of wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart radios and other practical accessories. A great range of speakers and headphones, many of which are wireless and waterproof. Practical solutions for your home, when you're travelling or even out running!

The survival radio can be operated with both dynamo and solar cells - a sure-fire way to save the day when the power goes out. Our Bluetooth hearing protection safeguards your hearing when you're listening to the radio or music - perfect for long periods of time in noisy places. Our hat with headphones keeps your ears warm in winter without sacrificing sound quality. Browse our selection of wireless speakers that are waterproof and are perfect for using at home or taking with you to the beach!

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Waterproof headphones
Wireless sports headphones that can be submerged in water
€ 57
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 100
Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
€ 26.90
Survival Radio DAB+/FM
Digital radio with a hand crank, solar cells and a torch
€ 128.01
Hearing Aid Neck Loop
Transfer the audio from your phone, TV and computer to your hearing aid
€ 49.40
Table lamp with speaker & Qi charging
Shines, plays music and charges your phone
€ 35.40
Alarm clock with radio & portable Qi-charger
Charging station, Bluetooth speaker & Power bank
€ 49.90
€ 75
Hearing protection with bluetooth
Smart Headset that protects the hearing
€ 129.01
Security Camera with WiFi and 4G
Sound and motion sensor, live streams on your mobile phone
€ 199
Survival radio FM/AM
Solar and dynamo charged
€ 98.01
Bluetooth adapter 3.5 mm
Wireless music with a 3.5 mm outlet
€ 29.90
Hat with headphones
Comfortable hat with fantastic sound and light
From € 32
Cord wrap for headphones
Christina Valentin, Joanna Schmidt och Maria Bohe
Keeps your cords in place
€ 11
€ 14
Embedded speaker with FM radio
Wireless music in your home
From € 368
Multi Cable Holder
Organizes power cords and keeps your desk clean
€ 15
US to EU adapter
Use American electronics in Europe
€ 3.50