Survival Radio DAB+/FM

Digital radio with a hand crank, solar cells and a torch
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    • Digital radio DAB+ and FM radio
    • Charges via hand crank, solar panel or USB
    • Built-in torch

    With a digital survival radio you can stay up-to-date on important news even during long power outages. The Sangean DAB+ survival radio can be charged via the hand crank, solar panel or the USB cable and it receives both FM and digital radio.

    The compact radio is jam-packed with clever features and you can listen to lots of different radio stations either on the FM frequency band or digital radio stations. The backlit display shows you the time and also provides information about the artist, song and genre currently playing. You can also receive short text messages with traffic information, call-in phone numbers and other information the channel chooses to share.

    The survival radio can play for up to ten hours when fully charged and you can recharge the radio using either the hand crank, the solar panel or the USB cable. The survival radio also works as a small powerbank so that you can charge your phone when its battery dies. The radio has a 3.5 mm earphone jack for you to plug your earphones into.

    In addition, the radio has a built-in torch with four different light settings. Press the torch button repeatedly to switch between a strong light, weak light, flashing light and SOS in Morse code (three long-three short-three long).

    To charge with the hand crank
    Fold out the crank and wind it at a speed of about two cranks a second. Each minute of cranking provides the battery with 5-7 minutes of power.

    To charge with the solar panel
    The survival radio can be charged using the solar panel as long as it is placed in direct sunlight. The radio charges more slowly when it is cloudy. It takes about 15 hours for the radio to reach a full charge in the sun.

    To charge with the USB cable
    You can use the USB cable to charge the radio from a computer, powerbank or a wall socket using a USB wall adapter (not included). When using a USB cable, the survival radio is fully charged after about two hours.

    To charge your smartphone
    The digital survival radio can also be used as a powerbank. Use your regular charging cable to connect your phone to the radio's USB outlet. The radio is approximately equivalent to a 500 mAh powerbank and has enough power to charge your phone a couple of percent.

    Other features:
    LED lamps indicating charge status/low battery
    Automatically turns off after 90 minutes
    Can save ten DAB+ and ten FM stations

    In the pack:
    DAB+ digital survival radio
    Rechargeable 18350 lithium battery 3.7 V, 850 mA
    Micro USB cable
    Safety string

    Dimensions: 15 cm x 8.5 cm x 7 cm
    LCD display: 19.5 cm x 4 cm
    Weight: 400 grams
    Speakers: 0.4 W
    Powerbank (max 500 mAh): 5 V, 0.3 A

    DAB+ Band III 174-240 MHz
    FM 87.5-108 MHz
  • Article nr: 13224
    Stock availability: 4
    Depth: 7 cm
    Height: 8,5 cm
    Width: 15 cm
  • How is DAB+/FM Survival Radio different from Survival Radio DAB+/FM Pro?

    The DAB+/FM survival radio is the predecessor of the later Pro version. The DAB+/FM survival radio contains all the functions you need to be able to charge the radio during a power cut and listen to both FM radio and digital radio. If you want a radio with better battery life, built-in Bluetooth and more storage space, go for the newer version DAB+/FM Pro survival radio.

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