Survival radio DAB+/FM Pro

For hiking and longer power outages
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    • Digital radio (DAB+) & FM radio
    • Can be charged in three different ways
    • Can be used as a Powerbank

    The Sangean MMR-99 DAB+ is a weatherproof digital radio designed for both outdoor adventures and emergency situations. Perfect to take along during hikes and longer power outages. The full-featured survival radio has receivers for digital radio stations and the FM band. The radio's built-in Bluetooth also allows you to use it as an external speaker.

    The radio can be charged by USB, solar cells and dynamo. It is also equipped with a flashlight and emergency siren and can be used as a power bank for your phone and other rechargeable devices.

    Rain and shock resistant

    The MMR-99 DAB+ survival radio is made of shock- and water-resistant materials that can withstand rain and dust. The handy digital radio is easy to carry and comes with a carrying handle.

    Charge the survival radio with USB cable

    The fastest way to charge the survival radio is to use the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable and charge the radio in any USB socket. With the USB cable, you can charge the radio in about 3 hours.

    Load the radio with dynamovev

    The second fastest way to charge the radio is to use the dynamo lever on the back. One minute of cranking at about 100 rpm gives about 5-7 minutes of battery life for normal listening.

    Solar cells charge the radio in good weather

    On the top of the radio is the solar panel. The solar cells charge the radio when it's sunny outside and are a handy addition that provides extra charge when the radio is exposed to sunlight. For optimal solar charging, the radio should be placed in direct sunlight.

    What is digital radio and DAB+?

    DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and is the standard format for digital radio broadcasting in most of the world. With a DAB radio, you can listen to more radio stations and get better sound quality. The digital range of radio stations is larger than on the analogue network and you can, for example, access more local radio stations that don't fit on the FM band. DAB+ is the upgrade of the previous DAB format and has been standard since 2007.

    The digital broadcast allows you to receive informative text messages on the display along with the radio programme. For example, traffic information, information about the song and other messages the channel sends with the broadcast. You can store up to 20 DAB stations.

    FM radio

    If you'd rather listen to the FM band, that's fine too. The radio has automatic channel scanning and you can store up to 20 stations on the FM band. One button lets you choose whether you want to listen in mono or stereo.

    Listen with headphones

    If you don't want to disturb your company on your outing, you can connect a pair of headphones to the headphone jack (3.5 mm) on the side of the survival radio.

    Use as an external speaker

    The survival radio can be used as an external speaker to play music from an external audio device, such as your mobile phone or tablet. You can connect your audio device either via Bluetooth or via the AUX-in socket on the short side (3.5 mm).

    Charge your phone with a built-in Powerbank

    The survival radio is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery powers the radio, but can also be used as an emergency charger to charge your phone and other rechargeable devices. The power bank has 2600 mAh and a fully charged battery can recharge a phone about once.

    Please note! You can always use the survival radio as a Powerbank as long as the radio is switched off and plugged into a USB socket. If you want to use the survival radio as a Powerbank even when it is not plugged into a USB socket, you must first turn on the DC OUT function from the menu settings and then turn the radio off.


    The built-in flashlight can shine with a red light, a wider white light or a narrow white light. Each mode can be illuminated with either a dim or bright light, constant flashing or with SOS mute signals (three short, three long, three short).

    DAB radio, FM radio.
    Possible to save 40 stations: 20 on DAB and 20 on FM band.
    Automatic & manual station tuning.
    Bluetooth, AUX in, headphone jack.
    Backlit display.
    Clock with alarm function.
    Siren button and emergency light function for power failure.
    Can be used as a power bank.
    Button lock.
    Automatic power off function.

    Model: Sangean MMR-99 DAB+,
    Size: 20 cm x 11,4 cm x 8,9 cm
    Weight: 900 grams
    Waterproof rating: IP55
    Bluetooth 5.0Aux input: 3.5 mm
    Headphone output: 3.5 mm
    Speaker: 2.25" inch, 4Ohm, 5W, output 1.5W
    Operating temperatures: +5 °C to +35 °C.
    Wrist strap included
    Charging cable: USB-A to USB-C (included)
    Power input DC (5V/2.4A) USB-C for charging survival radio.
    Power output DC (5V/1A) USB-A for charging external devices.
    Rechargeable lithium battery 18650: 2600mAh, 3.7V
    FM bandwidth: 87.5-108 MHz.
    Bluetooth 5.0: range approx. 10 metres.

    Guide to starting the power bank function:
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    Depth: 9 cm
    Height: 11,5 cm
    Width: 20 cm
    Weight: 0,5 kg / 0,9 kg
  • What is the difference between Survival Radio DAB+/FM and Survival Radio DAB+/FM Pro?

    The upgraded Pro version has a stronger battery, better speakers, built-in Bluetooth, longer playing time and the ability to store more stations than its predecessor.

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