Survival radio FM/AM Pro

Robust radio that works during power outages
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USB charger USB charger
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    • FM/AM radio, Bluetooth
    • Works even in the event of a power failure
    • Flashlight, Powerbank & more smart features

    The Sangean MMR-99 is a really robust FM/AM survival radio that can be charged with dynamo power, solar cells and USB. In addition to keeping the survival radio charged at all times, it also has a built-in flashlight, Bluetooth, Powerbank and many more smart features that are useful in case the power goes out.

    The portable survival radio is easy to carry and can either be held in the hand or worn on the detachable shoulder strap. The radio can be charged in three different ways; with USB cable, dynamo cable and solar panel. A fully charged battery provides approximately 24 hours of playback time during normal radio listening. A small green LED on the front shows when the survival radio is charging and the display shows the current battery level.

    Charging with USB cable
    Using the supplied USB cable is the fastest and most efficient way to charge the survival radio. Plug the USB cable into any USB port or into a wall charger that has a USB socket. The USB cable fully charges the battery in about 3 hours.

    Charge with dynamo
    You can charge the survival radio by hand using the dynamo lever on the back. An optimal crank speed is about 100 revolutions per minute. One minute of cranking gives about 10 minutes of playback time.

    Recharge with solar cells
    On top of the survival radio is the solar panel. The solar panel charges the battery when the survival radio is in direct sunlight. The solar panels are the least powerful charging option of the three and should be seen as a convenient complement to the other two options.

    Flashlight with multiple functions
    The survival radio has a flashlight on one short side that can shine with a narrow white light, a wider white light or a red light. For each mode there are 4 additional settings you can make. The flashlight can be bright, dim, Morse code (three short-three long-three short) or constantly flashing.

    Use the survival radio as a power bank
    The survival radio also has a USB-A output where you can plug in a mobile phone or other device that needs charging. Use your phone's own charging cable and plug it into the survival radio. The survival radio now acts as an emergency charger for your phone and the 2600 mAh battery can recharge a smartphone about 1 time.

    Note! The radio must be switched off in order to use it as a Powerbank. The Powerbank function can be switched off from the menu.

    Use as a speaker or listen with headphones
    The survival radio can be used as an external speaker, either paired via Bluetooth or with a cable (not included) in the AUX socket (3.5mm). If you want to listen to the radio with your own headphones, these can be connected via the headphone input on the short side (3.5 mm).

    Built for outdoor use
    The survival radio is built with shock-resistant plastic and metal parts that protect the radio from impact. The survival radio has a dust and waterproof rating of IP55 as long as the rubber covers on the short side are closed. The optimum ambient temperature for use is +5 °C to +35 °C. Use in sub-zero temperatures will adversely affect battery life.

    Survival radio pro FM/AM is available in two colours: Sand and green

    FM/AM radio, possible to save 40 stations: 20 on the AM band and 20 on the FM band.
    Automatic & manual station tuning.Bluetooth, AUX in, Headphone jack.
    Backlit display.
    Clock with alarm function.
    Siren button and emergency light function for power failure.
    Can be used as a power bank.
    Button lock.
    FM mute function, smoother transition between stations (reduces noise).
    FM mono/stereo switch.

    Model: Sangean MMR-99.
    Speaker: 2,25", 4Ohm, 5W, output: 1,5W.
    Operating temperatures: +5 °C to +35 °C.
    Power input DC (5V/2.4A) USB Type-C for charging survival radio.
    Power output DC (5V/1A) USB Type-A for charging external devices.
    FM bandwidth: 87.5-108 MHz.
    AM bandwidth: 520-1710 kHz.
    Bluetooth 5: range approx. 10 metres.Rechargeable lithium battery: 2600mAh.
    Charging cable included: USB-A to USB-C.
    Shoulder strap included.

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    Width: 20 cm
    Weight: 0,95 kg
  • Which FM/AM survival radio should I choose?

    The Survivor Radio FM/AM Pro is an upgraded version of the previous Survivor Radio FM/AM model. The new model includes Bluetooth, better speakers, more programmable stations, and a more powerful battery for longer playback time. It also charges more efficiently when you use the speaker as a power bank.

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