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ZlideOn - slider for zips in the group HOUSE & HOME / Clothing & Shoe care at SmartaSaker.se (10764)
Sven & Jens Leveau
Step 1 - Remove the old zipper pull
Step 2 - Open your ZlideOn with this grip
Anchor your ZlideOn to your zipper
After attaching your ZlideOn you have fixed your zipper!
Identify your zipper type
Use a caliper or folding rule when measuring your zipper

ZlideOn - slider for zips

Fix your broken zip
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Sven & Jens Leveau
  • Reusable
  • For everything from jeans to tarps for boats
  • Fixes almost any zip

ZlideOn is a Swedish invention that easily fixes almost any broken zip. That means that you don't need to throw away a bag, dress, pillow cover, a pair of jeans or a boating cover just because the zip is broken.

ZlideOn replaces the broken slider and repairs the existing zip. There are many different sizes, ZlideOn fits pretty much any zip that you can find on the market today. ZlideOn opens and attaches easily to the zip. When you have the right size, the repair go quickly and then the zip is once again ready to use.

1. What material is your zip made of?
Most zips are made of either metal, plastic, nylon or watertight nylon.

Refer to the pictures of the different materials and compare it to your zip. The material your zip is made of directly impacts how ZlideOn is formed and fitted. The materials sorted using the following notations A=metal B=plastic C=nylon C2=waterproof nylon.

2. Measure your zip! - Refer to the pictures and videos and measure the width and thickness of your zip.

3. Last step: Finding the right size in the sizing table. - Done!

TIP! Read through both PDFs; it is much easier to find the right size the first time.
PDF - Finding the right size
PDF - Sizing table

The slider is cast in the best zinc on the market, the clapper is made from spring steel, as is the core of the assembled device. Your new ZlideOn is therefore better than your old and broken slider. Save the ZlideOn when the item the repaired zip closes is worn out, you can use the ZlideOn for the next item! You can probably use it again and again for other various items far in the future!

Patented under Construction, Mounting and Function. 

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