Automatic soap dispenser Otto

Easy and economical soap dispensation
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    Let your soap dispenser automatically handle the portioning, no need for clumsy, slippery bottles in the kitchen or bathroom! With the help of its sensor, this dispenser measures 2 ml liquid soap directly into your hand. Hygienic, smart and economical!

    This automatic soap pump  is perfect for both home and office use, as the soap pump can be filled with soap or hand sanitiser. Not only is it hygienic with its automatic pump, but it also becomes easier and more fun to use soap - not only for small children! The soap pump is also an excellent aid if you have slightly weaker hands.

    Tip! Adjust the size of your portion of soap by moving your hand down as the pump starts to work. This way you can control the dosage if you want a smaller portion.

    ATTENTION! This soap pump is intended for use with liquid and non-grained soap. One tip is to also dilute the soap with a little water so that it does not become so thick, which also saves money and soap. It is also possible to store liquid hand sanitiser into the automatic pump, making it perfect for offices and public areas.

    Powered by 4 AAA-batteries (not included, do not use recharchable batteries).
    Volume: 250 ml
    Diameter: 11,5 cm
    Height: 25,5 cm

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    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: 11.5 cm
    Height: 25,5 cm
    Material: Plastic, metal and electronics.
    Quantity per pack: 1
    Volume: 250 ml
    Colour: Black , Metal , White

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