Innovators of the month: Anna-Karin & Hanna Nilsson
Innovation of the month: Wineglass holder Vingel 

Dining al fresco and enjoying a glass of wine is one of the highlights of summer. At least that's what Anna-Karin and Hanna think. Their mother and daughter picnics are often on their favourite cliff by the beach in Falkenberg. But getting the glass to stand steady on the rocks is not easy. Until now. Innovationen Vingel makes sure the glass stays steady throughout the picnic, despite uneven surfaces.

Their mother Anna-Karin works at a secondary school in Falkenberg and their daughter Hanna is studying to be a preschool teacher in Varberg. When the weather allows, they both like to eat their dinner outside. Preferably on their favourite cliffs near home.

"When we have picnics, it's often summer meals, sandwiches or a nice salad. But sometimes we can treat ourselves to some Räkor (Swedish shrimp), and a glass of wine," says Anna-Karin.

But the picnic veterans are annoyed that the wine repeatedly spills out when the glass falls on the uneven rock.

"Sometimes even the wine glass smashes against the rock," says Hanna.

Both Anna-Karin and Hanna felt it was time for a solution.

"For many years, I've been thinking about how to make the glass stand securely and not topple over," says Anna-Karin.


But one day, during one of the family's outings, Hanna comes up with the solution.

"We had a picnic and Hanna came up with the idea for Vingel. Now the glass doesn't tip over, but stands stable on rocks and uneven surfaces," says Anna-Karin.

"Mum is very good at sewing. So I suggested she could sow a sack around the glass. I remember my mum basically leaving the food and walking up to the house to start the sewing project," says Hanna.

Vingel was invented out of a need for it

They knew their innovation would make family outings easier and a fabric bag would keep the glass balanced. But both Anna-Karin and Hanna quickly realised that the fabric bag needed weight.

"The weight of the bag gives balance to the glass, "says Hanna.

But it was not entirely clear what the fabric bag would be filled with. Anna-Karin explains how they tried different materials along the way.

"We tested with sprouts, rice and marbles. We were not satisfied. In the end we decided that sand was the best option. And we have plenty of it here," says Anna-Karin.

Hanna continues and talks about the benefits of sand.

"It is both malleable, environmentally friendly and moisture resistant. The material's ability to withstand moisture is particularly important as Vingel must be able to stand on rocks, grass and thus sometimes wet surfaces."

Once they decided that sand was the right material, Vingel began to be manufactured at full speed. 

"In the beginning I sewed Vingel myself. But today I get help. Vingel is sewn in a natural material that is water-repellent and we buy the sand. We help each other out; her son-in-law takes photos and does some of the marketing," says Anna-Karin.

Anna-Karin laughs and says that she thinks it's good that her husband is now retired, as he has more time to help out in the family business.

"People laugh and say ah, how smart"

In 2015, Hanna came up with the idea for the wine glass holder and since then the process has been smooth. The name Vingel was coined by Eva Bergengren, a columnist and friend of Anna-Karin.

"At first we sold Vingel to friends and thought it was just us who liked it," says Hanna.

Although Anna-Karin and Hanna initially developed Vingel for their own benefit, they are not alone in their need for it. They tell us how people get excited when they see their innovation.

"People laugh and say ah, how smart, "says Anna-Karin.

Vingel - a great going away present

Anna-Karin explains that their product is for anyone who enjoys eating, drinking and spending time outdoors.

"The unique thing about Vingel is that it came out of a need and we haven't seen anything like it before. It works just as well to take on a picnic as it does in the boat," says Anna-Karin.

Vingel is often sold as a gift, often accompanied by a bottle of wine.

"Our customers often buy Vingel as a gift and then become fond of it and buy it for themselves," says Hanna.

In the future, neither Anna-Karin or Hanna have any major plans to work with Vingel full time.

"We have our regular jobs and do this in our spare time. Then it's very fun and meditative to sew Vingel," says Anna-Karin.

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