Bokashi 2.0 Starter kit

Compost starter kit using the Bokashi method
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    • Start kit with 2 Bokashi buckets & compost pellets
    • Smart flattening lid
    • Fits 9.6 litres

    Bokashi 2.0 start kit includes everything you need to start your Bokashi composting journey! These smart Bokashi bins fit 9.6 litres and their stylish design means that there is no need to hide them away in the kitchen!

    The start kit comes with two compost bins with a drain valve and 1 kg of Bokashi compost pellets. Simply place the food scraps in the bin and sprinkle the compost pellets on top to start the composting process. With the air-tight seal, all the nutrients are certain to go to use.

    Each compost bin consists of an inner and outer bin. The inner bin has a draining hole at the bottom that allows the leachate to be drained. The inner bucket is easily detached and quick to clean. The leachate is drained from the drain valve in the outer bucket, which has a screw lock that can be easily opened to pour out the remaining leachate water. The leachate water is extremely nutrient-dense and great for pouring on your plant pots or in your garden.

    The bins each have a lid that can be folded in half and used as a food-scraper. The lids are also air-tight, creating a seal in line with the food scraps, meaning that the fermentation process is more effective as less oxygen is passed on to the food scraps and more leachate is left over. The air-tight seal also dries out the food scraps meaning that no odour will be lingering in your home. The bucket has a comfortable handle, making the bin easy to carry. After approximately 2-3 weeks, the fermentation process will be complete and the compost will be ready to use.

    The special compost pellets by Bokashi include the EM microorganism, which gives a kick start to the fermentation process as well as breaking down the protein in the food scraps. Make sure to empty the leachate every couple of days. Once the compost is complete, dig it into your soil. Freeze the compost during winter and use it when the soil is accessible again.

    The buckets fit 9.6 litres and are made of polypropylene.
    Height: 34 cm Diameter: 24 cm Weight: 2,8 kg

    The Bokashi compost pellets should be stored in room temperature but can also withstand negative degrees. Bokashi should not be kept in temperatures above 38 degrees. Keep out of direct sunlight.

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    Diameter: 24 cm
    Height: 34 cm
    Material: PP-plastic
    Volume: 9,6 litre
    Weight: 2,8 kg

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