Starter Kit Bokashi 2.0 Ocean

Bokashi buckets made from recycled fishing nets
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    • Made from recycled fishing nets
    • Provides nutritious soil improvement
    • Complete starter kit

    Starter Kit Bokashi 2.0 Ocean is a complete kitchen composting kit that converts your leftovers into a nutritious soil improvement, to dig into your flower bed. You use the Bokashi buckets in the same way as other models, but what makes the Ocean model unique, is that at least 30% of the plastic consists of recycled fishing nets collected from the sea.

    The starter kit consists of two black Bokashi buckets with lids, 1 kg of Swedish Bokashi bran and 1 small bag of Swedish Biochar. You also get two inner buckets with drainage holes, a dosing bucket for the Bokashi bran and two airtight inner lids, that also act as scrapers and flatteners.

    The bucket has a useful handle that makes it easy to carry. The process is odourless and the buckets' stylish design makes them a nice detail in the kitchen. If it starts to smell, it could mean that the bucket is too wet. Empty the leachate and sprinkle on more Bokashi bran, and the smell will disappear.

    How to use Bokashi 2.0
    Put your leftover food in the bucket, sprinkle a little Bokashi bran over it (approx. 20 ml), and compress the leftover food with the airtight inner lid. Press the inner lid all the way down so that it sits just above the leftover food and put on the regular lid. Tip! Collect your leftover food during the day in a small jar beside it. The fermentation process is faster if you only open the bucket once a day.

    The inner lid is easy to remove when you need to add new food leftovers, and as you fill the bucket with new leftovers, you use the lid to compress the contents again. Use the small tap on the front, to empty the bucket of the leachate that collects at the bottom of the bucket. How often you need to empty depends on the type of food leftovers you put in the bucket, vegetables and fruits, for example, generate more liquid than meat leftovers.

    Dilute the nutrient-rich leachate with water, and use it as a plant nutrient when watering your flowers and flower beds. The leachate is very concentrated and you need to dilute it at least 1: 100 in water (1 dl to 10 litres of water or even 1: 1000 for smaller and more sensitive plants).

    Let the contents rest
    When the bucket is full, let the contents rest for about 2-3 weeks before burying the nutrient-rich food residues in the soil. The food remains should be buried at least about 30 cm deep, so that no birds or other animals can access them. As the food residues already have a fermentation process started from their time in the bucket, they will quickly decompose and become new soil after they have been buried in the ground.

    What can I compost?
    You can compost leftover food and other organic waste, such as vegetables, fruits, coffee grounds, meat, fish, seafood, cheese, onion peel and bones. If you compost liquid food waste, you need to compensate with dry food leftovers (e.g bread), newsprint, or add more Bokashi bran. Also, cut off mould from old food scraps before throwing them in the bucket.

    Volume: 9.6 litres
    Height: 34 cm
    Diameter: 24 cm
    Weight: 2.8 kg

    Material: At least 30% (600 grams) of the plastic comes from recycled fishing nets. The remaining plastic consists of recycled PP plastic.

    For every Bokashi 2.0 Ocean sold, 2 Euros are donated to the non-profit organisation, Ocean Voyages Institute. The Ocean Voyages Institute has existed since 1979 and works, among other things, to clean the oceans of plastic.

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    Diameter: 24 cm
    Height: 34 cm
    Material: At least 30% of the plastic consists of recycled fishing nets removed from the oceans. The remaining plastic is made from recycled PP plastic.
    Volume: 9,6 litre
    Weight: 2,8 kg

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