Candle scissors

Trim the wick for longer burn time
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    • Even and attractive flame
    • Longer burn time
    • Stops smoky flames

    Easily cut off wicks on candles that are too long. The scissors work for thin and thick candles as well as scented candles. Cut off wicks on candles that are too long to get a nice even flame and a longer burn time.

    Cutting the wick at regular intervals has lots of benefits. A wick that is too long can start to smoke and burn too quickly in relation to the size of the candle. If the flame burns too fast, the edges of the candle won't melt at the same speed as the centre. This wax will form high edges that won't melt and a lot of the candle is wasted.

    An even flame means that you use the entire candle and increase the burning time. The fragrance of your scented candle lasts longer when the entire candle is used.

    This wick cutter is practically designed so that you can easily access the wick even in high candle holders and lanterns. Cut the wick so that it is 1-1.5 cm long at maximum. The best time to cut the wick is when it is slightly warm. PLEASE NOTE! Always blow out the candle before cutting the wick.

    The candle scissors are made of stainless steel. Wipe with a cloth immediately after cutting the wick or wash by hand if needed.

    The candle scissors are made by the Borås-based Swedish company ByON.

    Length: 18 cm
    Width: 6 cm
    Height: 3 cm
    Not dishwasher safe.

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    Height: 3 cm
    Length: 18 cm
    Material: Stainless steel
    Width: 6 cm
    Weight: 0,1 kg

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