Chargeable lighter

Small chargeable lighter with USB
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    • Lights up when you blow into the lighter
    • Fits in your pocket
    • Charged by USB

    Luxuriously designed flameless lighter that can be recharged via USB and is easy to carry in your pocket. The heating element inside the lighter turns red hot when you blow on it, allowing you to light the cigarette even when there is a storm outside.

    Lights up with the help of the wind
    Unscrew the copper cap and blow into the lighter. The heating element is ignited by the wind and becomes glowing hot in about 8 seconds. Then the heating element switches itself off. Blow again to reactivate it.

    The lighter is 0.8 cm in diameter inside and is primarily intended for lighting cigarettes.

    Charge the lighter by USB
    The lighter is charged using the USB cable included in an optional USB socket. The small LED lamp at the bottom of the lighter glows red when charging and goes out when the lighter is fully charged. The lighter can be used about 50 times fully charged.

    Available in two variants
    The lighter is made of wood and the lid is made of copper. Choose between ash wood and walnut wood.

    NOTE! The heating element inside the lighter becomes extremely hot. Never touch the metal ring and keep the lighter away from children.

    In the package: Lighter, Micro USB cable
    Length: 10.3 cm
    Outer diameter: 1.7 cm
    Inner diameter 0.8 cm
    Weight: 100 grams
    Battery: Rechargeable 170mAh li-on battery
    CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Article nr: 13623
    Stock availability: 0
    Diameter: Outer diameter: 1.7 cm. Inner diameter: 0.8 cm
    Length: 10.3 cm
    Weight: 0.1 kg

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